AlkaWay Whole House – 3 Stage UV Value Safe House Water

$1,849.00 inc. GST

This is the premium model in this range.

AlkaWay Whole House – 3 Stage UV Value Safe House Water System delivers UV safe water for a medium to large house on tank or town water. This three-cartridge system is combined with an ultraviolet UV water steriliser to maximize control of viruses, bacteria and protozoa in your home water.

The system contains three filters and a UV water steriliser:

• 5 micron (Nominal)* Sediment Filter
• 1 micron (Nominal)* Sediment Filter
• 5-micron Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) with Silver, Granules, Filter
• UV sterilisation system, 45 l/min, Stainless steel, 39 Watt (#175)

Each water filter is encased in 20-inch filter commercial strength housing.

3 Stage UV Value Safe Water System Benefits

• Removes or reduces chlorine and chloramines
• Removes or reduces sediment
• Removes colour, bad tastes and odours
• Removes or reduces heavy metals (lead, mercury, etc.)
• Removal or reduction of chemical and organic contaminants
• Removes viruses
• UV Filter effectively removes 99.9% of bacteria (e coli etc.)
• Eliminates protozoa (giardia, cryptosporidium, etc.)
• Removes VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)
• Easy to install
• Easy to maintain

NOTE: While typical whole house filters may struggle to remove fluoride efficiently and affordably, the most effective approach for dealing with fluoride is the whole house system combined with the UltraStream kitchen drinking water filter. The UltraStream purifies, alkalises, ionises and infuses the water with molecular hydrogen. Ideally, it would be added to the kitchen for drinking and cooking water.

* Nominal filters are given a percentage rating which indicates the proportion of particles at or bigger than the micron rating that will be trapped by the filter.

3 Stage UV Value Safe House Water - Replacement Filters

Whole-of-house replacement filters for the Essential, Optimal, Natural and custom water filtration systems.

3 filter set.

The UV Value Safe Water System provides ideal safe water for a medium to a large house on tank water or town water.

• 5-micron (Nominal) Sediment Filter
• 1-micron (Nominal) Sediment Filter
• 5-micron Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) with Silver, Granules, Filter

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AlkaWay Whole House – 3 Stage UV Value Safe House Water

This is the premium model in this range.

3 Stage UV Value Safe House Water System offers superior safe whole of house water with it’s combination of 3 x 20″ filters and UV sterilisation, all at a value price. This system is ideal for tank and natural water sources.

All whole house systems use a combination of the same basic filter media: sediment filter, carbon filter and optional antibacterial ultraviolet (UV) light. Filter capacity is maximised because we don’t like to change filters too often. We use large 20″ filters because satisfactory performance is only achieved with a flow rate that doesn’t ‘die’ when you are in the shower and someone turns on a tap and the sink.

Replacement Filters

The system contains three filters:

  • 5-micron (Nominal) Sediment Filter (red cap)
  • 1-micron (Nominal) Sediment Filter (black cap)
  • 5-micron Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) with Silver, Granules, Filter

The UV system replacement parts:

  • UV Quartz Sleeve
  • UV Replacement Lamp

We stock all replacement filters and UV items.

Review our Installation manual.

comparison table 2

* Reduces chlorine, endocrine inhibitors. Ibuprofen trace hydrocarbons, and Volatile Organic Compounds. Arsenic, Cadmium, Chromium, Lead, Silver, Iron, Mercury and Selenium.
** While whole-house filters may struggle to successfully and reliably remove Fluoride, because the water needs time to interact with the media in order to remove or reduce the fluoride in the water, the flow rate will be slow.  An effective way to address Fluoride is to combine these systems with the UltraStream drinking water filter.
*** Most customers add an UltraStream drinking water systems to remove bad taste, colour or odour issues.
**** On average each filter should last up to 12 months. This will depend on the water usage over that time and the condition of your water source. So, it may need replacing sooner than 12 months.


Consider these factors before choosing your whole house system: 

1. Water source: Town water, creek water, spring water, rainwater… all have very different characteristics. Your water source is key to the Whole House System that you choose.

(a) Creek water is a prime source of bacteria mainly from faecal matter, either animal or human upstream. It can also be high in sediment especially after solid rain upstream or in the area. We take into consideration your need to be able to remove and clean a sediment filter without stress.

(b) Spring water is thought to be wonderful water, but today it’s not necessarily so. In vast areas of Australia, spring water can be highly alkaline. While not a bad thing, (it has been shown to be very healthy) it often has serious effects on your hot water service, your shower rose, and your kettle. We look at alternatives to prevent the accretion of calcium in this form. In areas such as Western Australia, iron can be a major component of spring water. In the subtropics, often spring water can be quite acidic because of the accumulative effect of composting layers of subtropical foliage.

(c) Tank water labours under another myth that water from the sky is clean. It is not, because it falls through a layer of quite mixed pollution onto a roof that is a catchall for airborne pollution (in its myriad of forms), sweeping the accumulated pollution into a tank that usually accommodates at least one form of dead mammal. A recent serious problem for tank owners has been the discovery that bat (flying foxes etc.) faeces carry many very serious diseases. From overhead, bat faeces drops onto roofs and is washed into our drinking water tanks. As we know, in some areas thousands of bats pass overhead twice a night.

2. Tanks are also commonly thought to hold pH-neutral water. This is seldom the case. A concrete water tank will leach calcium into your water for up to 20 years, whereas modern plastic or fibreglass tanks seriously acidify your water.

3.  pH: This brings us to the whole question of pH for a whole of house filter. We do offer an alkaline pH system on request, but generally, only recommend this for areas that have highly acidic water. In general, we try to make sure that the only water with high alkalinity is your drinking water. This is most easily achieved with an at-tap system like the UltraStream, simply because alkalising all of your home water has no real benefit except (as already stated) your water is so acidic that it needs alkalising.

4. Bacteria and Viruses are a much bigger problem with water tanks than with city/municipal water supply, simply because they are not chlorinated. Some farmers have even taken the step of installing a chlorine generator to keep their water tank clean, but we feel that it’s more economical and more healthy to kill bacteria using ultraviolet (UV) light rather than with a known carcinogen. Tank water users also regularly report that their skin is far better cared for and supple with no chlorine in the system. A good UV system, regularly checked, will achieve extreme kill rates for all manner of bacteria (your UV system’s lamp and quartz sleeve need to be checked at least every 12 months, or after heavy rain fall). Silver infusion of carbon inhibits bacteria growth which is a better option when filtering tank water.

5. Media: As we mentioned, we will select the right media for your particular installation and budget. Generally, we offer two forms of sediment filter and two forms of carbon. We don’t want to bore you with all the tech specs, so we suggest giving us a call or email.

6. Quality: We only source NSF-approved media and replacement cartridges. Most pre-made units on the market use substandard filter media. We have learned the ‘tricks of the trade’ over the years and have made the decision that happy clients are better than high profits.


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