Elements4Life has a holistic outlook to living and lifestyle and hopes people embrace a more connected life away from the toxic western influences of the modern world.

A focus on cellular health and a harmonious biological environment.

Understanding Inflammation

In a nutshell: Inflammation is part of the body’s cellular defence mechanism and plays a role in the healing process. How serious is inflammation and what are the short and long term effects...>CLICK FOR MORE

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Why is Vitamin D Important?

Most people are Vitamin D deficient in this modern day and it is a crucial element to health and when taken in conjunction with Vitamin A, C and E you have a foundation...>CLICK FOR MORE

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A Journey from MUM to COACH!

A Journey from MUM to COACH! Hey!…and here is my welcome to E4L’s blogging world – A Journey from MUM to COACH! My name is Rachel Thrower, (Ray for short!) and I am...>CLICK FOR MORE

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Making Smarter Choices

Revelation moment! We are all human! Second article in our Elements4Life series for better health, fitness and lifestyle. We have many more to come and we hope this adds value to your mindset...>CLICK FOR MORE

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Heavy Metal Detoxification

“Your Body Is A Temple” This is one of the most important topics in regard to health and prevention of disease. It is relevant to everyone, young and old and in particular our...>CLICK FOR MORE

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SuperFood Kale

SuperFood Kale by Coach Joseph Peluko The main goal of this article is to share fun and easy facts about SuperFood Kale and how we can benefit from it. How this started as...>CLICK FOR MORE

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Functional Training Gym in Belconnen

Functional Training Gym in Belconnen Grand Opening Day Belconnen was a success and we want to thank all that attended, the response was amazing. We also want to welcome all our new members...>CLICK FOR MORE

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muscle building

What is the best way to build muscle?

Building muscle and improving muscle quality is a common goal when entering into a training program, however for many, the science is not completely understood. Reality is that the process is a combination...>CLICK FOR MORE

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What makes a great personal trainer?

🔥New RiotACT article!🔥- JUST LANDED! Extract from RiotACT Article. Read More – What makes a great personal trainer? Choosing the right personal trainer can give you confidence you’re getting value for money for...>CLICK FOR MORE

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Elements4Life is Bucking The Trend

Elements4Life is Bucking The Trend

Elements4Life is Bucking The Trend In the latest Elements4Life RiotACT Article we find out more about how E4L is altering the fitness landscape for the better and bucking the trend.   Article Excerpt: ...>CLICK FOR MORE

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Best HIIT Gyms in Canberra?

Choosing a HIIT gym in Canberra Choosing to sign up to one of the Best HIIT Gyms in Canberra is an important decision and should be about value, community, coaching, reputation, technology, results...>CLICK FOR MORE

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The Best Gyms in Canberra?

The Best Gyms in Canberra The Best Gyms in Canberra have a set of very specific attributes and only the members and community can make the final judgement. As a gym owner all...>CLICK FOR MORE

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Member Insight – Kathryn Gill

Name: Kathryn Gill Participates in 1 x Focus Group PT session with her family (mum and brother) and enjoys E4L Team Training sessions to further enhance her fitness journey. 1. What are your...>CLICK FOR MORE

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What is HIIT, SSIT, HVIT and VIIT?

Elements4Life (E4L) focuses on a number of different training modalities and scientific principles and incorporates all the best aspects of training into their Smart™ Experiences. There is so much more to training, movement...>CLICK FOR MORE

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COACHES NOTE: Firstly ask yourself how serious you want to get in regard to body composition adjustment. It takes discipline and a level of trial and error. It is not for everyone. As...>CLICK FOR MORE

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Women & Their Cycles

How to Use Your Cycle to Your Advantage How well do you know your body? Do you know when your next cycle is due to start? Do you know if you ovulate? Have...>CLICK FOR MORE

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Why is E4L Team Training the ultimate in fitness?

Why is E4L Team Training the ultimate in training systems? Welcome to Elements4Life | E4L Team Training Centres. The E4L Team Training system is special and unique and is considered Advanced Functional Training...>CLICK FOR MORE

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Why is Elements4Life a GREAT gym?

Elements4Life Striving For Excellence So here we are writing an article about our own gym – Elements4Life (E4L Team Training Centres) in Gungahlin, Canberra. Seems a natural thing to do since we live...>CLICK FOR MORE

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Brigid Baker – Invictus To Coach

Brigid Baker (Brij) has an inspiring story and we are proud to announce her inclusion onto the E4L Coaching Team. Brij has a wealth of life experience and she will be providing great...>CLICK FOR MORE

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6 Crucial Training Tips

6 Crucial Training Tips Looking for inspiration? Looking for that sign? A defining moment? A defining moment can be when you make the right choice that ultimately changes your life. Read on for...>CLICK FOR MORE

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Is Cardio Sexy?

Lets define fitness first?  Fitness is about longevity, vitality, confidence, mobility, sustainability, overall health and better living. How we look in the mirror is a reflection of what we do most often and...>CLICK FOR MORE

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Member Insight – Sarah Norton

Member Insight – Sarah Norton Coaches Thoughts: Sarah has improved out of sight and we can say she trains hard. With improved mobility and strength we have seen Sarah hit new personal bests and...>CLICK FOR MORE

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