To deliver and provide the #1 Functional Training Systems in the world using proven advanced methods, expert coaching and exclusive E4L technology.

Physical Gyms, Digital Services & Virtual Experiences.

Elements4Life (E4L) is leading the way in trademarked modular functional training systems and multi-experience services.
We call these Smart™ Experiences.
Each unique E4L Smart™ training experience is built on scientific principles catering for multiple training styles, personal space compliancy and personal preferences.
Multiple training experiences for a stronger and engaged community.
All experiences have a participation cap policy to meet strict personal space compliancy for the best training experience.
More personal space, better practices and greater experiences.
Elements4life (E4L) are market leaders in fitness experiences, compliancy, hygiene, innovation, evolution and facilitation.
Smarter by definition.
Better in execution.
E4L has a Class Participation Cap of MAX 20 people to ensure better member experiences and maintain high coaching standards.
You will never see 30, 40 or 50+ people in a session meaning we reduce the chaos and increase the focus on YOU.


June 2010 - Harrison Facility #1

The Elements4Life (E4L) functional training concept was created in 2010, by Founder/CEO, Sebastian Ellis (experienced athlete and passionate business operator), making Elements4Life and SmartTeam™ Training one of the most matured functional team training systems in Australia with more than 10+ years of hands on development, testing and evolution.

Harrison in Canberra is the flag ship site and is the foundation facility. 

Offers SmartTeam™, FocusPT™, SmartStudio™ and SmartRun™ experiences. You can also join for Just Gym access too.

January 2019 - Lombok432

Lombok432 is a sidearm project to the Elements4Life long term goal and will be an overseas facility providing opportunities for all members to embark on a series of fitness adventures.

Construction due to be completed in 2022. Website - www.lombok432.com

December 2020 - Belconnen Facility #2

Elements4Life as worked hard on its deliverable services and has evolved and grown into a reputable functional training brand.

E4L is committed to building strong communities, adopting new advanced methodologies and has now created a series of new age Smart™ Training experiences.

Belconnen is the second facility which is offering a SmartTeam™ and  SmartStudio™ experience.  Also offering FocusPT™ for a one on one journey with a coach.

April/May 2021 - Facility #3 - Coming Soon
January 2022 - Facility #4 - Coming Soon
January 2023 - Facility #5 - Coming Soon



All our coaches are highly regarded Master Functional Trainers (MFT) and our aligned team of qualified nutrition, rehabilitation and recovery experts are at your service.


“We want to ensure people are put into the best environment possible to genuinely put on lean muscle mass, lose unnecessary body fat and most importantly feel that they belong, build confidence and move injury free”
– Sebastian Ellis
CEO & Co-Founder E4L Team Training