E4L Personal Space Policy

Elements4Life and E4L Team Training and its subsidiaries are committed to ultra hygienic, safe and healthy workplaces.

As part of this commitment we have implemented a better hygiene operating procedure to best ensure that all members, clients and employees are continually in a safe and hygienic environment.

A focus on improved health, basic human rights, communication and consent.

We are ambassadors for pro-health, pro-choice, pro-informed consent and pro-medical freedom and we respect the basic human rights of every member, man and woman.

Do no harm, cause no loss and accept no injury from anybody.

“Fix your environment, cleanse your terrain, improve nutrition quality and apply good habits for greater healthIf you are sick, feeling sick and/or have flu type symptoms please stay at home and self isolate until symptoms are no longer present and you are feeling better.”

Firstly, all E4L members are encouraged to focus on the following healthy habits:

    1. Drinking and Showering in Negatively Charged Filtered Oxygenised Pure Water
    2. Heavy Metal Detoxification Protocols (Example: Nano Zeolite)
    3. Trace Mineral Intake Protocols (Fulvic & Humic Acid)
    4. Eating non-GMO Fresh Foods (picked within 60 hours)
    5. 25min Daily Mindful Sunlight Exposure (various UV/UVC and other essential light spectrums for vitality and life)
    6. Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Boron, B17, B12, Omega 3, Zinc, Magnesium, Selenium, ZMA, 108 Trace Minerals & All Essential Vitamins
    7. Daily Probiotics
    8. Adjust Biological Deficiencies
    9. Management of Stress Levels
    10. Reduce/Remove Concentrated Alcohol Consumption
    11. Empowered Mental Health
    12. Remove Chlorine, Calcium Carbonate Additives & Sodium Fluoride Exposure
    13. Reducing Harmful EMF/WIFI and Harmful Technology Radiation
    14. Ensuring a Consistent Structured Movement and Fitness Program – Cardiovascular, Endurance and Strength.
    15. Educate yourself on cellular health and learn what that means for your daily practice for healthy biology.

Cellular health is a core message and we are advocates for a healthy environment, inside and out. 

Healthy cells and healthy mitochondria equal a healthy body and a longer life. 

Please research into Heavy Metal Detoxification, Trace Minerals, Cumulative Toxicity, Vitamin Deficiencies and Causes of Inflammation as these are the main causes to sickness, cellular disruption and poor health.

A strong human immune system is developed and maintained via the environment you are in the most often and requires an ongoing flushing and removal of toxins, chemicals and poisons.

Good gut health and a healthy biological bacteria relationship is also integral. If not done well people will “activate” exosomes and viruses such as colds and flu’s which are natural cleansing processes of the body and occur when we neglect our health over a period of time. 

Research into exosomes, genomes, viruses and coronaviruses and you will be surprised to learn that they are actually a key and integral part of our cellular health maintenance system (Example: End of winter season due to poor movement, stress, poor nutrition and cumulative toxicity these genomes will activate to flush the body. Symptoms of mucus, heat, aches and sweat can be experienced).

If you are experiencing any symptoms that will hinder your performance it is recommended you stay at home, drink lots of pure filtered water, sleep and recover so you can allow the flushing process to be completed. It is also recommended that you improve your physical and biological health and cellular environment to avoid these issue in the future. Colds, flu’s and viruses are avoidable and will more likely not activate when you live and practice a healthy life and lifestyle.

Your body is a temple.

As humans we must be mindful and emphasise the importance of emotional, nutritional and physical health.

Seek SPECIALIST medical advice, seek second opinions when necessary and always show due diligence and do your own deep and intensive research before embarking or engaging in any medical procedure or physical activity. 

We are 100% compliant and we love our E4L Community.

Personal Space Compliancy

Social Distancing is NOT a government term we will be using in our business, as we strongly believe social interaction and connection is integral and is a major part of our community atmosphere and is a basic human right and behaviour.

Consensual Physical Distancing and Personal Space Compliancy is the accepted direction and terminology that we will acknowledge based on our business model and company values.

E4L has implemented the following personal spacing compliancy:

  1. Teach respectful movement practises
  2. Teach respectful personal space practices and suggest a minimum of 1.5m be respected for people you do not know personally
  3. Entering personal space must be consensual
  4. Strict per session membership caps utilising 1.5m spacing and 4m2 per head formula.
  5. 1.5m minimum between all cardio equipment, where feasible
  6. 1.5m minimum between all stationary workout stations, where feasible
  7. 1.5m minimum personal spacing for effective internal biometric systems (100% consensual)
  8. 1.5m minimum standard for all personal space training perimeters

Personal space compliancy:

  1. One person per 4 square metres
  2. Calculate the number of people you can have in an enclosed space at any one time.
  3. Do a walk through of your workplace with a tape measure and write down the dimensions of all enclosed spaces.
  4. Calculate the area of each enclosed space by multiplying the length of the space in metres by its width in metres.
  5. Divide the calculated area by 4. The result is the number of workers you can have in a space to allow for at least 4 square metres of space per person.

For example:

Length = 5 metres, Width = 10 metres Area in square metres: 5 x 10 = 50 Maximum number of people: 50 ÷ 4 = 12.5. Round it down to 12.

Harrison Centre = 433m2 / 4 = 108 Maximum Humans 


  1. Minimise the number of people within an area at any time.
  2. Stagger start and finish of all sessions where applicable.
  3. Move work tasks to different areas of the workplace or off-site if possible.
  4. Separate coaches & members into dedicated teams and zones.
Our Community of Humans. 

We are an inclusive and supportive environment for everyone and respect ALL personal rights and ALL personal privacy at all times. This is a non-negotiable practice. 

See our privacy policy and we ensure we will take all reasonable steps to protect your personal rights as an individual and as to the Privacy Act of 1988.  We are a team and we are a connected united community. 




The Nuremberg Code (1947) 



All our coaches are highly regarded Master Functional Trainers (MFT) and our aligned team of qualified nutrition, rehabilitation and recovery experts are at your service.


“We want to ensure people are put into the best environment possible to genuinely put on lean muscle mass, lose unnecessary body fat and most importantly feel that they belong, build confidence and move injury free”
– Sebastian Ellis
CEO & Co-Founder E4L Team Training



1. Privacy Policy Detail

This is the privacy policy for Elements4Life (E4L) ABN 68 1195 2794 7, all its related companies and E4L Franchised Clubs (collectively, Elements4Life) relating to the privacy of your personal information 

(Privacy Policy).

E4L is committed to protecting the privacy of the personal information it collects and receives.  E4L is bound by the Australian Privacy Principles (APP) contained in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (Act).

This Privacy Policy applies to all your dealings with E4Lwhether at one of E4L’s clubs, E4L head office or via E4L website (www.elements4life.com.au).

This Privacy Policy seeks to explain:

The types of personal information E4L collects & holds;

How E4L collects and holds your personal information;

Why E4L collects, holds, uses and discloses your personal information;

How you may access and seek the correction of your personal information as held by E4L;

How you may complain about a breach of the APPs or a registered APP code (if any) that E4L are bound by, and how E4Lwill deal with such a complaint; and

If E4L is likely to disclose your personal information to overseas recipients and the countries in which such recipients are likely to be located (if it is practicable to specify those countries in this policy).

By using E4L website www.elements4life.com.au or completing any membership application forms, personal trainer forms, competition entry forms and filling any forms in the franchisee recruitment process, you accept this Privacy Policy and expressly consent to E4L’s collection, use and disclosure of your personal information in the manner described in this Privacy Policy.

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