X-Treme30 is a specially designed “Fast & Furious” studio version of the Elements4Life and X-Element45 daily training systems.

Team training at it’s best!

These sessions are 30 minutes of focused “organic & effective” programming with a coach.

45 minute blocks with a 5 minute skills introduction, 5 minute warm up, 30 minute main event and 5 minute finisher.

We have a secret ELEMENTS4LIFE workout playbook of over 600+ workouts, strength cycles, interval sessions, customised workouts, Partner Tabatas, AMRAPS, EMOMS, and so much more.  

FIRE POWER is Strength, Lifting and Muscle Development.

WIND ENERGY are High Intensity Anaerobic full body stimulators.

EARTH CORE are workouts for midline development and…

WATER FLOW focuses on technique, flexibility and mobility.  

All programs are written and programmed by the experienced coaches, not by a computer, with clear progressions, regressions, and attention to technique.  

X-Element45 and X-Treme30 are the evolution of training, is maintaining high coaching standards and is a market leader in Australia.

All our clients are taught how to properly perform the 7 major primal movement patterns, Elemental Patterns, with optimal technique.

These are the fundamental movements that humans perform on a daily basis – squatting, bending, lunging, pushing, pulling, twisting and gait – which is anything from crawling, lifting, walking, climbing and running. Apply resistance and clear challenges to the body and we have the best physical training program possible for the human body.

Key elements of training with a clear progression of strength via understood cycles and data tracking.  All 10 elements of fitness are covered throughout the week of training.  X-Element45 is an effective structured program that specialises in a focused mix of “Functional Training”, “Unconventional Training” and “Traditional Training” with specific varied daily programming to provide the complete environmental challenges to stimulate the nervous system and endocrine system towards physical, mental and emotional change. These classes will shred fat, sculpt the body, build muscle and increase your strength to amazing levels and unlike any other class or system.  We use all proven methods of training and bring them into one ultimate system.

We have combined all the benefits and science of Crossfit, martial arts, athletic performance, strength & conditioning, 45 minute principles, aerobic & anaerobic training, and combined them into one highly effective training system. These classes suit all fitness levels as your Elements4Life Coach will guide you to perform better technique and teach you a better understanding of your body and mental limits.

X-Element45, X-Treme30, X-Series and the 4 elements human development training system was created by Sebastian Jago in 2012 and is now considered a market leader in coaching delivery systems.

X-Treme30 & Elements4Life Gym Franchise

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X-Treme30 Studios and Elements4Life Gyms


Elements4Life Gyms and Larger X-Treme30 Studios

10 Elements of Fitness:

Cardio/ Respiratory Endurance

Learn How To Execute:

Olympic Lifts
Kettlebell Technique
Bodyweight Control and Stabilisation
Cardio & Endurance
Anaerobic Thresholds (HIIT)
And More

All gym equipment and gym space is utilised.

Outdoor and indoor sessions included.



X-Treme30 & Elements4Life Gym Franchise