HiGen 1+ Hydrogen Water Generator


Revolutionary Higen 1+ hydrogen water generator has advanced PEM technology with a stylish, easy-to-use design. Higen 1+ dispenses 3 levels of hydrogen water, purified water, and ozone water.


• 3 levels of hydrogen water (High, Mid and Low)
• Up to 1,200ppb of dissolved hydrogen
• 1,000 and 1,000’s microbubbles in every glass
• Dispenses purified, softened water
• Dispenses ozone water for cleaning vegetables
• 3000L or 12 months filter lifespan
• Automatic cleaning and water drainage system
• Utilizes special clearance membranes incorporating advanced technologies
• No ozone or unpleasant odour in the drinking water
• 18-month warranty parts and labour
• Removes chlorine, chloramines, bacteria, lead and lots more
• Add a fluoride pre-filter to remove fluoride
• Not recommended for high calcium areas or dirty water conditions

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HiGen 1+ Hydrogen Water Generator

Simple, modern, must-have home water filter and more!

Choose from 3 levels of hydrogen water, purified water and cleansing, antibacterial ozone water at the touch of a button.

What is HiGen 1+

We made the decision to cease selling electronic alkalizers after we invented the UltraStream. It made all electrolysis-based water alkalizers almost obsolete.

So you might ask why are we selling one again?

We’re not.

HiGen1+ is the next step beyond electric water ionizers, with a design dedicated to giving you what electric ionizers never did well: a consistent, high level flow of molecular hydrogen-infused, purified water.

HiGen1+ delivers 3 levels of hydrogen infused water, purified water, plus ozone water at the touch of a button. It puts you in control of your water.

Designed from the ground up to use the latest PEM technology by KYK in Korea.


HiGen1+ Hydrogen Water Filter

Water Filtration

The HiGen 1+ filter uses a number of layers to remove nasties from your water:

  • Sediment filter – filters larger particles to maintain subsequent filter layer efficiency.
  • Calcium Sulfite ceramic – instantaneous chlorine removal.
  • Antimicrobial Planar filters – multilevel bacteria exclusion.
  • Activated Carbon – Removes chlorine, lead, trihalomethanes, chloramines and many more, including pesticides.

filter diagram 1000x1000 1

HiGen 1+ Hydrogen Water Generator
Hydrogen Water

Hydrogen, the smallest and the most prevalent element in the universe, is the building block of life itself.

Now, using patented PEM technology, we’ve harnessed this life giving power by infusing H2 – molecular hydrogen – in the water you drink.

In 2007 a research team headed by Professor Ota Shigeo, Japan published a paper in Nature Medicine, a world-renowned and prestigious scientific journal,  regarding the “effective removal of active oxygen (antioxidants) by hydrogen”.

This was the first published paper in the West. Over 1700 scientific studies have followed – covering a vast array of health conditions. We invite you to study the science.

Here at AlkaWay we waited six years before a PEM system that met our criteria appeared. We’ve seen new technologies selling untested products to the market.

We’ve tested HiGen 1+, talked to the designers, and are satisfied that we have a system we can stand behind.


Hydrogen Water Generator Cell

Hydrogen Water Generator

HiGen 1+ Hydrogen Water Generator
Ozone Water

Imagine how you can benefit from ozone water on tap!

Ozonated water, also dispensed by the HiGen 1+, is used to launder clothes and to sanitize food, drinking water, and surfaces in the home.

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), it is “amending the food additive regulations to provide for the safe use of ozone in gaseous and aqueous phases as an antimicrobial agent on food, including meat and poultry.”

Studies at California Polytechnic University demonstrated that 0.3 μmol/mol levels of ozone dissolved in filtered tapwater can produce a reduction of more than 99.99% in food-borne microorganisms such as salmonella, E. coli 0157:H7 and Campylobacter. This quantity is 20,000 times the WHO-recommended limits stated above.[133][159] Ozone can be used to remove pesticide residues from fruits and vegetables.[160][161]

Ozone oxidization reacts with the cell walls of bacteria and viruses the same way hydrogen peroxide and iodine do, causing cell poration of the microbe, which leads to its death.

Ozone oxidation also removes electrons of molecules,  rendering them inert. In this way, O3 kills the bacteria that cause odours, viruses that cause illness, as well as breaks down biomatter on surfaces that provide the food for microbes.

HiGen 1+ Hydrogen Water Generator​
Negative ORP Water

Negative ORP water has a high Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP). ORP indicates the water’s relative state to receive or donate electrons.

In layman’s language, it potentially donates energy to us, particularly in donating electrons to ‘hungry’ free radicals, and thus effectively neutralising them.

HiGen1+ water has this high antioxidant potential, or negative ORP.

Hydrogen Water Generator

HiGen1+ Hydrogen Water Filter

Why you’re going to LOVE HiGen 1+

Hydrogen Water – Studies indicate natural selective antioxidant support

Hydrogen water has been studied and reported to help support our body’s natural antioxidant (Glutathione) production. Hydrogen has the potential to be much more effective than other antioxidant products. This appears to be due to its ability to ignore beneficial radicals and selectively eliminate harmful hydroxyl radicals. Hydroxyl radicals have the potential to cause disease and aging. When H2 meets hydroxyl radical, the result is pure water.

Hydrogen Water – as an anti-inflammatory

Independent Studies indicate that hydrogen may actually enhance our body’s natural anti-inflammation cycle. Studies have shown that hydrogen can greatly reduce post-workout stress. Maybe that’s why people report less pain and more gain!

Hydrogen Water – for cell signalling

May aid in cell signalling. Our body sends millions of signals to our organs, cells, muscles, etc. every second. Studies indicate that hydrogen can support the performance of our body’s cell signalling system and supports a healthier body. Perhaps that’s why you may experience random blasts of togetherness, vitality and alertness!

Clean purified water

Removing the residual chemicals in your drinking water makes it taste great and more palatable… and of course, it’s the basis of future health. Latest EPA publications indicate some 600+ new contaminants in our municipal water supply. HiGen +1 purified water setting helps remove these contaminants and more – and yes, also dispenses water you’re going to really, really want to drink!

Ozone water

Ozone water is excellent for cleaning and revitalizing fruits and vegetables. Deep cleaning ozone water ensures your greens and kitchen benches are ultimately clean and free of bacteria. An essential component of today’s home safety strategy.

KYK higen1 plus 1

kyk hizen12B top 01

KYK Co.,Ltd

Awards, Certifications, and Approvals based on 40 years of research and development (R&D)

ISO 9001 – Quality Management Systems
ISO 14001 – Environmental Management System
ISO 133485 Certification – At present, the design/development of alkaline ionizer and hydrogen water generators and obtaining manufacturing and sales permits for quality management systems in compliance with most medical devices regulations around the world.

FDA Certification, U.S. NRTL Certification (OHS), Halal Certification, Eurasian EAC Certification, C-Tick Authentication, Saudi Arabia SASO Certified, and more…

QA Testing

100% Total Inspection
The HiGen 1+ hydrogen water generator and all other KYK products are only released from the QA department after 100% of products coming off the production line are inspected.

Only products that have passed strict standards such as visual inspection, operation test, water leak inspection and performance tests are released.

KYK awards cert approvals


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