Best HIIT Gyms in Canberra?

Choosing a HIIT gym in Canberra

Choosing to sign up to one of the Best HIIT Gyms in Canberra is an important decision and should be about value, community, coaching, reputation, technology, results and personal inclusion.

Gyms and boutique training experiences are evolving and are now focusing on better experiences and personal attention.

Keep reading to find out more about why E4L is a market leader in all variations of intensity training and their trademarked Smart™ experiences.

SmartTeam™ has been in action for over 12 months with the soon to be launched SmartRun™ bringing the best training experience to our members.

Why Elements4Life could be the best HIIT gym in Canberra?

This is actually only discovered by having an experience for an extended period of time at the gym and making up your own mind.

We recommend the 30 Day Kickstarter or even better an 8 Week Motivator so you can best experience what the gym is all about.

Elements4Life, also affectionately known as E4L, is a unique functional team training network that combines high level coaching techniques, science backed training methodology, SmartTeam™ technology and daily training protocols to grow strong communities.

Each E4L studio has a total membership cap and a per session participation cap (20 people), so you can be confident that your HIIT, HVIT and VIIT training experience is personalised and your technique monitored.

Best HIIT gym in Canberra?E4L is renowned for its famous evolutionary trademarked SmartTeam™ training delivery system which provides the end user with the best experience possible.

Elements4Life has a first class on boarding system for all members, of all levels, so you can start training safely and confidently from day one.

Elements4Life and SmartTeam™ delivery system has over 4000+ unique skill combinations and 100’s of customised workout styles and formats providing a new Smart™ age in team and community driven training.

Every one deserves a coach and E4L only hires and trains the best with each coach being a CertIV (minimum) and every coach must have a Master Functional Trainer (MFT) certification.

Smarter by definition.

Better in execution.

– Sebastian Ellis (CEO/Founder)

Elements4Life (E4L)

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Harrison Centre – 170 Flemington Road HARRISON ACT 2914

Belconnen Markets – 2 Ibbott Lane BELCONNEN ACT 2617

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