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The Best Gyms in Canberra?

The Best Gyms in Canberra

The Best Gyms in Canberra have a set of very specific attributes and only the members and community can make the final judgement.

As a gym owner all we can do is listen and work hard on our systems and delivery.

That is where the passion for the industry will shine through.

What makes a gym great?

The Best Gyms in Canberra have a set of very specific attributes and only the members and community can make the final judgement.

I think we can all admit we have had various different gym experiences and it is no doubt a matter of personal perspective and circumstance.

If you are personally seeking to improve your fitness, strength and mental/emotional health you will want to sign up to a trusted, reliable, community driven facility that has personality, experienced coaching and an atmosphere. A place that supports your personal goals and targets with great coaches, training protocols and supporting technology.

We all know that the regular exercise can increase your energy levels, promote vitality, prolong life, support better sleep, enhance your overall strength, reduce stress and simply empower you for all that life delivers.

Gyms can also be great places to meet new friends and the community aspect is very important and needs to be encouraging and supportive.

The Best Gyms in Canberra
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What is needed for a better experience?

The fitness industry is evolving and so is the fitness facility and gym landscape. People now want more value from their membership and it starts with a true sense of community, access to services, better results, enhanced training experiences and a focus on individualisation and personal attention.

The days are numbered where it was all about the price and just access to equipment and this is made clear with the explosion of boutique gym experiences and alternative training spaces now popping up on every corner.

This new landscape now finds traditional gyms up against new sub-cultures, a greater focus on coaching and a rapid move towards integrated technology and science back training programs.

Question is, what type of training experience do you really want?

Is it about price or is it about the experience, results and the community?

What Makes A Great Gym:

Community – The strong sense of community, the training programs and the coaches are what makes you keep coming back. The good people around you must inspire you, make you feel comfortable and encourage you for better. There is nothing better than working hard with people you know and like being around. The fact is, a magnetic fist pump and high 5 at the end of every session from your coach is worth every penny.

Value – A genuine gym experience is not about the price more it is about the personal experience you have at your chosen facility. Do you feel comfortable and are you getting the attention and enjoyment you deserve for the price you spend? Value can be determined by the direct relationship with coaches, the technology, the training options, the professional advice, the access to equipment and the overall experience you have as an individual. Are you getting what you pay for?

Screening – No matter what training experience you have, all gyms should be showing due diligence when you enter their facility. Are they showing you correct form, guidance on technique and giving you feedback that supports your personal progression? No one wants to get an injury and if you have just started or are a beginner, confidence and a sense of inclusion is integral from day 1. Does your gym have a fundamentals and screening program for all new members and beginners?

Programming – Your time is valuable and this means that when we train, we want to train Smart™. Our training should be structured, have purpose, challenge us, drive results and allow all levels to progress safely and with good technique. Our training should also be delivering the results we need for success and thsi success is measured by the individual. Put yourself in an environment that brings the best out of you.

Coaches – Everyone deserves a coach and everyone can acknowledge we train a little harder and with more focus when our teams mates are around and our coach is keeping us accountable. All coaches should have a CertIV minimum and have a passion for your success. There is a big difference between a coach who cares and a trainer wandering the room.

Technology – Its 2020 and technology continues to improve and integration with with gyms is going to be simply part of the future. Technology can bring various benefits from data tracking, accountability, guidance, delivery and more. The world has gone virtual and all gyms should be providing you with greater access to solutions.

Why Elements4Life one of the best gyms in Canberra?

Elements4Life, affectionately known as E4L, is a market leader in the delivery of Functional Training programs in Canberra. E4L specialises in HIIT, HVIT, VIIT, strength cycles, personal training and semi-private training with a focus on individualisation, personal growth and movement quality.

E4L is all about the experience, team work and the community vibe and they 100% drive each other for better results using science backed programming and well structured workouts.

For us, training and health is a lifestyle choice and they are looking for like minded community members who want to live by the same values, train hard and be part of something better.

Elements4Life is leading the way in trademarked modular functional training systems and multi-experience services. They call them Smart™ Experiences and Elements4Life in Harrison and soon to be, Belconnen, have multiple Smart™ training experiences for the members.

Each unique E4L Smart™ training experience is built on scientific principles catering for multiple training styles, personal space compliancy and personal preferences.

Multiple training experiences for a stronger and engaged community.

All Smart™ experiences have a participation cap policy to meet strict personal space compliancy for the best training experience.

More personal space, better practices and greater experiences.

Every one deserves a coach too and E4L only hires and trains the best with each coach being a CertIV (minimum) and every coach must have a Master Functional Trainer (MFT) certification.

Elements4life (E4L) are market leaders in fitness experiences, compliancy, hygiene, innovation, evolution and facilitation.

Smarter by definition.

Better in execution.

– Sebastian Ellis (CEO/Founder)

Elements4Life (E4L)



Harrison Centre – 170 Flemington Road HARRISON ACT 2914

Belconnen Markets – 2 Ibbott Lane BELCONNEN ACT 2617

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