Points of Difference

Why is the experience at Elements4Life different?

The best way to determine the difference is to have an experience within an E4L Team Training facility over a period of time, participate in the programs, follow our guiding and passionate coaches and make up your own mind.

Experience the Difference at Elements4Life.

Try our 30 Day Kickstarter or 8 Week Motivator for the ultimate trial into our services and training philosophy and then simply roll over into a Team Training, Semi-Private or Focus Personal Training personal investment plan.

Your lifestyle, fitness and health will be improved to new levels due to our unique daily training systems, core values, coaching principles and we will show you how to become the person you really want to be.

Elements4Life (E4L) is the future and evolution of training as we have brought all the great elements of training into one.

QUESTION: What are the Points of Difference when comparing ELEMENT4LIFE to a commercial franchise or commercial copy cat HIIT brand?

Points of Difference:

1. We position ourselves as a premium and privately owned non-franchised brand with an evolving business model focusing on quality.

2. Class participation cap of MAX 20 so each session is not over crowded which improves coaching and session quality.

3. E4L is more than just HIIT – we do strength, mobility, core work, finishers, warmups, cool downs, seminars and lifestyle adventures and focus on experiences. We also do HVIT, SSIT, VIIT and 60+ other unique formats that are only found at Elements4life.

4. E4L is 100% community orientated with high end value.

5. All coaches are trained to monitor form, better technique and provide individual attention beyond just running a session.

6. Music is played to a level where you can hear the coach and hear your team mates without yelling or stress.

7. High quality business model setting new Australian standards in training protocols, smart technology and advanced coaching.

8. 10+ years of functional training business experience with a focus on individualisation and programming.

9. We consider ourselves a PEOPLE model rather than a MONEY model bringing a focused approach to each member.

10. #1 Coaching Delivery Software – E4L SmartTeam™ – Trademarked & Copyrighted 2019.

11. High performance coaching team, hand selected on their actual coaching ability, attitude and life experience.

12. Access to heart rate technology, online coaching services, phone applications and direct coach messenger services.

13. 3 annual E4L challenges & strength cycles unique to our brand with no gimmicks, no fads and no crazy diets.

14. InBody scanning with a full data management system is onsite for greater measurable results.

15. Personal training, private groups and business and lifestyle coaching is ALSO available.

16. Most of our main E4L Team Training centres also allow 7 day Just Gym access to all members outside and during sessions.

17. E4L is owned and operated by qualified coaches who are on the floor listening to needs of their members.

18. First to bring Effective Team Training principles to Canberra and the local region in a commercial format and have seen the local market adapt and adopt to our positive influence. We however will continue to evolve ahead of our competition through innovation and evolution and deliver more value to our members.

We believe in building better experiences and we are continually evolving and reinvesting into our business and into our gyms to ensure they remain smarter and better and we do this with a focus on community, coaching and advanced technology.

E4L is Functional Team Training 2.0 supported by SmartTeam™ and a high performance qualified coaching team.

We are not limited to one type of training methodology however deliver programs that combine all known successful training elements that support physical change and enhanced health into one place.

We are versatile and our programs, supported advanced technology, are designed to cater for every individual so anyone can participate.

We have specific programs to support every goal from strength training, muscle development, general health, aesthetics, rehabilitation and sports specific.

We work as a team and support each other.

All our clients are taught how to properly perform the 7 major primal movement patterns, Elemental Patterns, with optimal technique.

These are the fundamental movements that humans perform on a daily basis – squatting, bending, lunging, pushing, pulling, twisting and gait – which is anything from crawling, lifting, walking, climbing and running.

Apply resistance and clear challenges to the body and we have the best physical training program possible for the human body.



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