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Making Smarter Choices

Revelation moment! We are all human!

Second article in our Elements4Life series for better health, fitness and lifestyle. We have many more to come and we hope this adds value to your mindset and provides some tools to make changes relevant to you.

It is no secret that life is up and down, is a journey of self discovery and for many of us we started off life simply flying blind without any set of “how to do life” instructions. Some very basic education, self explored life lessons and a barrage of emotional moments that we have to navigate through. #life

Life is about choices and making smart choices at the right times. These choices ultimately define our destined path, our health and our life overall.

Most of us live very busy lives with additional stresses and challenges. We are mostly time poor, distracted, under social pressures and life does not stop for us. This train of thought and ongoing obligation finds us in positions where our life choices are not always ideal.

As a result our health and fitness can be greatly effected and if unaddressed we can suffer from ongoing issues, physically and mentally and it can lead to things more severe like ailments, mental health issues and disease.

Elements4Life has a holistic outlook and our message revolves around connected living choices and we hope the following adds some value to your lifestyle adjustment process.

Life Aspects Affected By Choices:
  1. Nutritional Intake
  2. Daily Habits
  3. Daily Routines
  4. Movement Behaviours
  5. Learning & Education
  6. Fitness Protocols
  7. Mental Health
  8. Deficiencies
  9. Stress

No matter what the individual circumstances are, we can always try to make a smarter choice.


Focus on what we can control. It is ok to accept that at times we will end up eating poor food choices. When pressed for time, work meetings, emotional moments, stressed or simply dis-organised, we often find ourselves eating things of lower quality. This is ok as long as we are mindful that we can do better and seek to improve the nutritional quality ratio from poor to harmonious.

The simple goal for food should be to eat real, organic, farmers quality food. Ensure some preparation when busy and eating better food choices more often than not. One bad day, that off day, does not define our overall health.

  1. Focus on nutrition density and quality (shop smarter).
  2. Only drink RO pure structured negatively charged ionised water (strictly).
  3. Prepare your food in advance (day/week/month).
  4. Consider eating a little less often and remember intermittent fasting is ok.
  5. Shop and buy at higher quality locations (farmers markets).
  6. Avoid chemicals, colours, additives and preservatives (read the label).
  7. Avoid GMO (read the label).
  8. Avoid meat hormones (avoid mainstream meats).
  9. Avoid processed refined foods including all the various sugars (learn the various names).
  10. Avoid foods that may use compromised water with heavy metals for processing.


Daily Habits:

Your daily habits are a very important aspect to building success in the longer term. Your habits are the repeated actions you make. Success in life is the accumulation of the good things we do more often. What we do daily, how we manage ourselves daily and the things we seek to achieve on a daily basis, go a long way to developing the structure you need for all the good things in life.

  1. Good sleep and recovery.
  2. Time management and planning.
  3. Eating high quality food and eating for performance.
  4. Drinking RO pure structured negatively charged ionised water.
  5. Completing a harder tasks first.
  6. Completing tasks often that progress our life and lifestyle forward.
  7. Taking time out to train and move for health and fitness.
  8. Taking time out to focus on our breath, harmony and mindset.
  9. Taking time out to learn something new.
  10. Researching everything in depth and becoming well informed on important issues to make better life decisions.

Intelligence is a practice and requires diligence. Making smarter choices comes with good management and use of this intelligence.

Daily Routines:

Your daily routine is your personal schedule and your time management system for your daily habits. The order of things. The order out of chaos. The most successful people have set behavioural patterns that sustain and build on their success and lifestyle.

  1. Always write everything down on paper with a pencil or pen in your own handwriting (personal frequency).
  2. Develop a larger life goal plan with all the things you want to achieve (the macro).
  3. Develop a monthly, weekly and daily to do list (the micro).
  4. Daily lists need not be long however must contain a minimum of 1-3 aspects that moves you forward.
  5. Wake up early before sunrise and start your day completing key tasks and practice your routine.
  6. Appreciate each day, reward yourself when things get done and keep being positive. (higher vibrations)
Movement Behaviours:

It is recommended that humans partake in at least 60+ minutes of healthy movement per day to keep our biological systems healthy. Muscle engagement, blood flow, heart health, flushing of toxins, mental stability, hormone balance and general well being are all attributed to healthy, consistent movement and training.

  1. Schedule your training into your daily and weekly routine.
  2. Prioritise your training so it is a top 5 part of your lifestyle.
  3. Work in training within your busy schedule and stick to it.
  4. Find your tribe and coaching team who align with your values.
  5. Seek consistency rather than perfection.
  6. 3-5 days of good movement in a 7 day week is a great plan.
  7. Learn how to move well and apply it to your regime.
Learning & Education:

Life is a forever learning process and is the journey of a life time. Having a growth mindset over a fixed mindset is important so we can continually evolve and expand on our perception and knowledge. Do more research on important topics, engage in courses, listen to specialists, press play on podcasts and read, listen and apply.

  1. Adopt a growth mindset over a fixed mindset
  2. Lower your guard on predetermined belief systems and work towards “knowing” more.
  3. DYOR on all important matters, have conversations and connect.
  4. Turn the TV, Mainstream Social Media and MSM off more often and focus on self-education over forced information.
  5. Education and use of knowledge is part of our life path and it is never settled.
  6. Be well informed on key subjects that matter to you and that support your family.
  7. Engage with intelligence and adopt winning strategies.
Fitness Protocols:

Fitness and workouts our should not be a chore or an added stress. The best way to adopt fitness as a lifestyle and make it a habit is simply look at participation. Build on the participation and build on the consistency. Monitor your small improvements in movement patterns and your cardio vascular performance and endurance. Fitness can ebb and flow so it is important to focus on consistency and simply get back on the hortse every time after a life break or a life disruption. Metrics and personal bests can be a great motivator too and there is nothing better than training with others who lift you higher.

  1. Seek consistency over the pressure of short term physical results.
  2. All physical results take time to develop, so give yourself a few years or more.
  3. Fitness is a life long habit and should be embraced.
  4. You will have bad workouts and bad days. It is ok.
  5. Rock up, show up and just keep going.
  6. Find a partner or a team to train with with good programming.
  7. Get a coach or a personal trainer for a personalised experience.
  8. Set goals for strength, movement, mobility and endurance.
  9. Have fun and enjoy training for better.
Mental Health

This subject can be a little taboo as many people have either too much pride to admit that they are having a struggle with their mental health or the issues are deeper than we want to admit. PTSD, trauma, stress, depression, life reality and just being human will have an impact on everyone at some stage in their life. How we navigate through these times is a personal challenge. From experience, sometimes it is the simple things that gets us back on track. Good nutrition, pure charged water, supplementation, movement, fitness, adventure, learning new things and simply looking to improve yourself can allow doorways to a higher self.

  1. Ask for help, reach out and get some advice.
  2. Prioritise your nutrition and water quality.
  3. Prioritise your heavy metal and toxicity detoxification.
  4. Prioritise your trace mineral and key vitamin intake.
  5. Prioritise your movement, cardio vascular and strength training.
  6. Prioritise your life goals and ambitions.
  7. Change the environments that don’t support your progression and mental health.
  8. Try new things and give them a chance.
  9. Speak to others who have had success in mental adjustment.
  10. Be patient.
  11. Accept the issues for what they are.
  12. Seek to improve yourself over time and allow it to occur in small, slow, steps.


Many studies show that humans in the modern world, in the last few hundred years and since the industrial revolution we collectively are now suffering from deficiencies in various forms. These deficiencies come in the from of trace minerals, vitamins, hormones and even deficiencies in exposure to nature, adventure and wonder.

Mother Natures Pharmaceuticals:

  1. Vitamin D3
  2. Zinc
  3. Magnesium
  4. Boron
  5. Phosphorus
  6. Selenium
  7. Creatine
  8. Collagen
  9. Testosterone
  10. Zeolite
  11. Omega 3
  12. 108 Trace Minerals
  13. MSM
  14. Iodine
  15. Vitamin K2
  16. Nattokinase
  17. Shilajit
  18. Curcumin/Turmeric
  19. Tribulus
  20. Tongkat Ali
  21. Lypospheric Vitamin C
  22. Quercetin
  23. Vitamin B12
  24. Hyaluronic Acid
  25.  C60
  26. Black Seed Oil
  27. Charcoal
  28. Sea Moss
  29. Rock Salts
  30. Sea Salts
  31. Pink Salts 
  32. ….more

Surprisingly, stress is a major health issue for humanity due to the environments we find ourselves in most often. Stress is a natural physical, emotional and mental reaction to life experiences and environments. Stress can be caused by numerous different stimulus and everyone experiences and expresses stress from time to time. Anything from everyday responsibilities like work and family to serious life events such as a new serious health diagnosis, fear mongering scenarios or the death of a loved one can trigger stress. Stress is a physical and emotional reaction and your body responds to stress by releasing necessary hormones that increase your heart and breathing rates. This allows the body to respond as it is simply a signal. Issue is when we do not treat ongoing stress and the body is in a continuous state of flight or fight. Ever heard of adrenal fatigue?

Chronic stress can cause a variety of symptoms and affect your overall well-being.

Symptoms of chronic stress include:

  • Irritability
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Headaches, pains and aches
  • Insomnia

Some Solutions: 

  1. Meditate and practise breath work (connect to your breath and heart).
  2. Listen to uplifting music, binaural beats and tones in the 432hz sacred scale (harmonise spirit)
  3. Seek to train and move at a higher intensity for 60+ minutes per day (flush the stress).
  4. Prioritise your nutrition and water quality (cellular health).
  5. Prioritise your heavy metal and toxicity detoxification (cellular health).
  6. Prioritise your life goals and ambitions.
  7. Change the environments that trigger stress including your job (health over money).
  8. Speak to others who have had success in lowering stress.
  9. Accept you may need help to deal with your stress management.

Elements4Life has a holistic outlook to living and lifestyle and hopes people embrace a more connected life away from the toxic western influences of the modern world. A focus on cellular health and a harmonious biological environment.

Please email us for membership details or to organise a gym tour with a lifestyle and fitness coach – getstarted@elements4life.com.au

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