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Heavy Metal Detoxification

“Your Body Is A Temple”

This is one of the most important topics in regard to health and prevention of disease. It is relevant to everyone, young and old and in particular our future generations.

The purpose of this article is to send a strong message. A repeated message of importance.

Our current Western World is very toxic and most humans are unknowingly accumulating toxins such as Heavy Metals, chemicals, built up hormones, stress and other toxic trace elements within their body throughout life.

This accumulation causes numerous health issues across the spectrum in the short, medium and long term. It can be deadly. 

Add this accumulated toxicity with compromised water (heavy metals, sodium fluoride and chlorine), nutritional deficiencies, vitamin deficiencies, trace mineral deficiencies, mental health issues, cellular disruption, food additives and general inflammation, it is no wonder the human race is in a continuous state of sickness.

It is time to look after our temple, re-focus on biological terrain theory and adjust our environment to sustain vitality, cellular health and longevity. 

Biological cellular health is a daily practice in the modern world and takes mindful effort and understanding.

Are heavy metals the most serious threat to human health?

To start off our Elements4Life health series we will focus on Heavy Metal Detoxification which in essence is the removal of positively charged heavy metals or soft metals from within the body. These heavy metals are foreign to our biology and have no place in our blood, no place disrupting our cells and have no place in our brain and/or muscle tissue.

The human immune system is detrimentally effected by these foreign elements in the body and it is time to take control of this issue. 

Detoxification is the most important and the most powerful and liberating thing anybody can do to improve their health and their life. Read that again and let that sink in.

Anyone who dismisses detoxification simply does not understand the science nor do they realise or accept that they are in a cumulative toxic environment and in a cumulative toxic state.

It is a fact that we are poisoned on a daily basis and we have been since we were children.

Numerous articles and books have been written on “detox cleansing” and very few of them are helpful and they don’t deal with the main culprit – Heavy Metals.

Detoxing is about being effective and understanding what we are actually detoxifying ourselves from.

Detoxification is a longer term, life long, demanding and personally challenging process that requires a lot of patience, time, focus and dedication.

Sounds complicated however in fact it is not if you just do the right things and often.

Technically you cannot “thoroughly” or “effectively” detoxify your body from heavy metals with super green juices, lemon detoxes and distilled water although these are valid for cellular activation, general health and vitality.

These alternative detox programs do serve a great purpose and they do a specific job however the reality is they do not represent the true meaning of ‘detoxification’.

Always do your own research, get specialist advice as required and make decisions that are right for your circumstances.

The Main Health Issues For Humans:

Most disease we encounter is a derivative of one of the following outside of genetic influences, ageing and biological deterioration.

Address these issues and optimise your life and vitality.

  • Toxic Environments
  • Heavy Metal Toxicity
  • Inflammation
  • Mineral Deficiencies
  • Vitamin Deficiencies
  • Cellular Dehydration
  • Cellular Disruption
Why we have symptoms? 

The body is in a continuous state of healing (Sleep) or transacting (Awake) with the world and any symptom experienced (signal telling you to make a change to the terrain) is most often aligned with one of the above. 

The body will look to expel any foreign material found in the body as part of the ongoing cleansing process. That is what the body is designed to do. It is designed to sustain life in the most perfect way. 

Little do most people recognise, as we are taught an alternative logic, that Colds, Viruses and Flus are also natural cleansing processes of the body (genomes, CV’s and exosomes already apparent in the body that are triggered to respond) and these symptoms people experience are telling you to make adjustments to your water quality, environmental influences, movement levels, stress and hormones, chemical intake, deficiencies and heavy metal toxicity.

Listen to your body when experiencing a symptom because it is telling you something and it wants you to make a change to your environment. 

Bodily expelling processes:
  1. Sweat
  2. Tears 
  3. Urine
  4. Human Feces
  5. Vomit
  6. Heat & Energy
  7. Snot & Mucus 
  8. Sound & Verbal Expression
  9. Light Photons & Bio-field 

All the above are cleansing processes and when the body can’t expel the issue, it can experience severe ramifications and further disease. 

Toxicity & Cellular Disruption = The Destruction of Health

Are you experiencing any of these symptoms?

* Skin Problems like Rash

* Brain Fog & Depression

* Memory Loss

* Stress & Poor Decision Making

* Fatigue and Sluggishness

* Increased Ageing of Skin

* Dermatitis & Eczema

* Brittle Nails and Hair

* Hair loss and Slow Growth of Hair

* Poor Growth of Fingernails

* Joint Problems like Arthritis

* Skeletal & Growth Problems

* Varicose Veins & Poor Circulation

* Inability to Digest Fats and Proteins

* Blood Sugar Problems

* Increased Allergies

* Parasitical Infestations

The list is long.

If you said yes to at least 2-3 of these there is a very good chance you suffering from mercury and other heavy metal toxicity.

An invisible enemy.

Aluminium and pharmaceutical binding aluminium is another accumulating metal that causes major issues within the brain including Alzheimers and Dementia and numerous other diseases (dis-ease). The studies are clear and readily available and it is time everyone started learning and talking more about this topic.

If your daily eating routine includes fish and in particular various sea foods, especially large species like tuna, and/or if you have amalgam/mercury fillings in your mouth or if you drink local tap water you definitely have mercury accumulated in your body.

Mercury is an extremely toxic metal and it is unsafe at any dose and any level and even worse when it is allowed to accumulate.

You can keep improving your daily eating routine and do other things to improve your health however you will eventually hit a serious plateau without detoxification.

A toxic body will always remain toxic unless it is treated. Heavy metals are stubborn and take effort to remove.

Detoxification is where the real breakthrough in your health can happen and where you can truly transform your health and more importantly your brain health.

Heavy metals such as mercury, lead and arsenic, aluminium, chemicals in the environment, estrogens from plastics, pesticides, parasites, GMO, additives, preservatives, added colours, yeast, viruses, mold, microbes and deadly bacteria – all cause health issues.

Our immune system and our bodies can handle, manage and detoxify small amounts of these toxins, however the load and stress in this modern world is far too high for our modern lifestyles to maintain.

Nearly 120,000+ chemicals or more, many and most of which are extremely toxic, have been introduced to our environment in the past 100+ years alone.

Many have made their way into our daily lives.

Our homes and our food.

Nothing ruins us spiritually, emotionally and mentally, more than biological toxicity.

So what are the true benefits of detoxification and the correct biological foundations?

* Sharper intuition and foresight

* Increases in creative activity and energy

* Advanced behavioural adjustment

* Enhanced ability to adapt to better food behaviour and daily routines.

* No cravings, binging or emotional eating or drinking.

* Huge increase in libido and dare I say performance

* Fat loss and muscle gains.

* Connections to nature, sounds, feelings and vibrations

* Better sleeping patterns, recovery and dreams.

* Increases in energy, focus and concentration.

* Increases in decision making.

* Enhanced digestion and metabolism.

Once these toxins reach the brain, it is nearly impossible to get them out without proper detoxification.

Toxins in our brain can diminish our intelligence, 100% lowers our overall IQ, makes us apathetic to authority, makes us overly impulsive, explosive, super reactive, irrationally emotional, demanding, unfocused, stressed, tired, clouded, easily distracted, irritable, negligent, aggressive, indecisive and 100% less resourceful.

Autism and other “modern” environmental conditions based on research and studies, along with other mental and psychological problems, are becoming more and more prevalent in our day.

The question should be why?

Are these issues ‘mostly’ caused by heavy metal toxicity?

Is this a discussion worth having?

What are we really putting into our body?

What are the adverse effects and is the risk to benefit ratio worth it to do nothing?

What about the environment we provide for our kids?

Do your own research and try to not regurgitate perceptions from well financed monetised industries.

EMF, electromagnetic frequencies and too many positive ions in our local environment just amplify the problem.

The first step to proper detoxification is to remove the source of toxicity and eliminate exposure to the toxin.

* Compromised Water

* Mercury

* Heavy Metals

* Mercury Dental Fillings

* Preservatives

* Artificial Additives

* Fluoride

* Chlorine


* Acidic Food Choices

* Processed Foods

* Aluminimum

* Pharmaceutical Binding Aluminiums

The following are the most powerful and effective supplements for detoxifying heavy metals.

* Pure Ionized Structured Water (Must Have)

* Nano Zeolite (TRS) (Must Have)

* Fulvic Acid (Must Have)

* Liposomal Glutathione (GSH)

* Microsilica (Must Have)


* Magnesium Oil

* Vitamin K2 / Activator X


* Liposomal Vitamin C

* Iodine

* R-Alpha Lipoic Acid (R-ALA)

* NAC (N-Acetyl-Cysteine)


* Liposomal B-Complex

* Molybdenum


The importance of safe heavy metal chelation and mercury amalgam removal and why you must have mercury amalgam safely removed from your teeth prior to beginning heavy metal chelation.

Dr. Pompa is an expert at heavy metal and mercury detoxification.

Others to consider and bring into your lifestyle:

* Ortho-silicic acid

* Activated coconut charcoal

* Chitosan

* Clay

* Chlorella

* Cilantro

* Probiotics, both resident and soil-based organisms (SBOs).

* Modified Citrus Pectin

REMEMBER: You must remove the heavy metals from your environment, food and from your water.

No Bottled Water – as these too are high in heavy metals and Sodium Fluoride.

Remove Sodium Fluoride, Chlorine and Calcium Carbonate (and variations) from your water and toothpastes (make your own).

Get back to growing your own food and only buy from the local organic farmers.

Capture your own water, distill it, reverse osmosis filter it, structure it and then drink it!

Detox with priority for a better, longer life.


REMINDER: Always do your own research, get specialist advice as required and make decisions that are right for your circumstances.

Elements4Life has a holistic outlook and our message is clear.  Look after your body, inside and out. Maintain purity and focus on the education and growth that empowers your health.

Elements4Life is also now an authorised and officially registered on-seller for Elements of Life product range by Phi’on and the high profile Coseva range of TRS and Fulvic Acid.

Elements4Life Shop is COMING SOON.

Please email us for details and product orders – getstarted@elements4life.com.au


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