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E4L Online | What is the best way to train from home?

E4L.Online | What is the best way to train from home?

In a new age of living smarter, the focus on better lifestyles and genuine natural health is the new norm. Many people are now moving towards solutions that support greater access to quality training and education on how to do it well. Accountability and motivation via passionate industry leaders looking to make a difference. The future of fitness is here and it is evolving very quickly and Elements4Life and E4L.online will be there with you for the journey.

If your living room yoga, park runs and garage workouts are feeling a little stale and you find it hard to access stimulating variety, we have you covered. The best home workout platforms and applications can bring more energy and life into your workout routine and even may introduce you to some new ways to exercise. All at your finger tips, anywhere and anytime. The new normal will be having a weekly/monthly subscription to your favourite fitness brand so you are always online and ready. Why not have access to multiple brands in the one place?

Why home workouts are getting popular?

As we are driven into the industrial revolution 4.0, we will see AI and robotics have a significant influence over society, workplaces, employment, habits and behaviours. Many companies have already made adjustments to their employment and workplace outlook with many employees now working remotely from homes or even on a more part time basis. This means people are at home more often and disrupted from their normal old routine. However with a new timetables and more time on hand, it is an opportunity to build greater lifestyle routines. This social behaviour will evolve over the next decade and by 2030 many lifestyles will have changed forever and hopefully in most cases, for the better.

At home workouts are pretty much the way of life for busy parents and now with evolving technology we can see a more virtual immersion and interaction between the client, their coach and the gym owner. For those used to taking fitness classes at gyms or studios, at-home workouts have been a bit of an adjustment as we have all had to learn and adopt new online technologies. Nothing will ever beat the community driven training of being in a gym with your peers and coach however training at home with your peers online and especially on your non-gym days will accelerate your weekly results, daily movement snd health regime. Moving more and well is a major part of living a good life. This makes for a great addition to your plan.

Why do home workouts need instructions?

When you work out in a fitness class in the gym, you don’t have to give much thought to the programming. Your body simply moves to follow your peers movement and your coaches’s directions. This can take a lot of pressure off you, and help you just focus on your workout at hand. E4L.online can now provide you with the same motivation and structure with native and international fitness content.

The catch to working out at home on your own, is you’re responsible for the whole workout plan. The time allocation, the program, the method and all else. What exercises should you do? How many reps of each? How often should you rest? Are you feeling a cardio workout? An upper-body or lower-body workout? What is the best formula? For many of us, answering all these questions is an added stress we’d rather avoid right now.

The good news is the space is evolving and solutions are here and will only get better. There are 1000’s of at-home workout programs on E4L.online that take the guesswork out for you. They’ll give you the whole exercise plan, commentary, music and more. All you’ll have to do is login, show up and get ready to sweat.

What is the best choice? Why E4L.online?

There are so many at-home workout programs an at home workouts to lose weight, in fact, that it can get daunting trying to pick the best one for you. While you might have heard your friends and co-workers singing the praises of their go-to celebrity program and phone app, deciding on the best home workout programs for you is a personal choice based on your lifestyle and your goals. Variety with consistency is going to bring success. Stick with industry professionals who are passionate about your success and trust the process. Browse all classes here.

In a world of capitalised marketing we do see promises of exaggerated results and use colourful language that as fitness professionals we don’t like to see especially on TV, in magazines and on cheap phone apps looking for emotional superficial investment. It’s important to remember that a lot of this is just unfortunate “for profit” marketing, and what you’ll get out of a workout is very unique to you, your body type and other factors like your routines, habits, general health, sleep, genetics, diet choices, and more.

The workouts and nutrition plans that are best for you depend on your own body, goals, and interests. E4L.online smart fitness app which is coming very soon will bring the most realistic, results driven experience and approach to fitness, health and lifestyle with amazing “industry leading” features that will keep you hooked on health…for life. The best home workout program and fitness app that will support weight loss, body composition balance, health whilst delivering the best online fitness classes from all around the world.

Train4Life, anywhere, anytime!

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