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E4L | How to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

E4L | How to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

Firstly, we must ask ourselves what is a healthy lifestyle? Once we understand what leading a healthy lifestyle means and even what health at a cellular level means, the real health message, we can then start making adjustments to our behaviour and habits that support vitality, energy, life longevity and biological health, in its true form. The rest of what we are told is commercial noise.

What is health? Health is an optimal biological function, condition and state. Health is not needing to take medications and symptom relieving pharmaceuticals. Health is not needing to see your doctor often, if at all. Health is not getting colds and flus which are natural toxin expulsion and hormone rebalancing processes of the body (see Homeostasis and Terrain Theory). Health is not just eating vegetables and saying to yourself, this is enough for my nutrition!

Health is a strong mind (mental health) and a strong body (physical health), internally and externally. You could also add spiritual health to this mix as humanity is drifting away from the true essence of being human due to mainstream brainwashing, addictive technologies, distractions, and illegitimate education systems that teach nothing of the human spirit, nor the universal laws and have an agenda of control, division and confusion. It is time to align with a better world and social vision.

Health in the last 50+ years and most likely for decades, centuries, prior has been influenced by social norms, group think, mainstream marketing techniques and driven by ‘for profit’ companies who have sent out confusing mixed messages on health causing a mass ripple of physical side effects, mental health issues, body image problems and eating disorders. It is stressful. Mainly it is directed at our youth who spend the first half of their lives confused and not living true to themselves. Social validation on social platforms is disintegrating and demoralising our society. Luckily we have a new wave of influencers and leaders building better platforms and profiles to highlight better messages and ideologies. In the end it is up to us as a collective to want better.

We have been told and force fed so many messages like “move more, eat less’, “count your calories”,”eat 99% fat free”, “1200 calorie diets”, “eat red meat” and “then don’t eat any meat’.

How about going keto, paleo, caveman, vegan, vegetarian, pescetarianism, low carb, high protein, GMO is good, GMO is bad, no sugar, 16 hour fasting, no breakfast, only breakfast, no grains, this diet and “that popular” eating practice.

Which is it? Does it really matter? Is this really what health stands for?

Where is the message around nutrient quality, optimised cellular health and toxic free environments? Healthy movement, connection to nature and a toxic free lifestyles? This is all your body cares for. This is all your cells need. Cells care little about your feelings or how you look in the mirror. They care nothing about social norms or the latest fad. Cells want nutrient quality, 100% pure structured negatively charged water, good vibrations (harmonious frequencies) and non-poisoned, non-chemical laced foods and all MUST be free of heavy metals and all toxins.

It is so very simple. It really is however it starts with the supply chain and the manufacturing processes. It starts with better education. Reading labels and “believing’ magazine articles will not help you if the foods are already toxic. Do you really know what you are putting into your body?

Food and water should be clear of ALL toxins, chemicals and man made influences. ZERO tolerance to toxins is required.

What can you do to maintain your healthy lifestyle?

When it comes to other aspects of a health lifestyle it comes down to several principles.

Nutrition, movement, adventure, community, knowledge, and spiritual connection.

Nutrition: Toxic free water and foods high in nutrient quality that supports cellular health. Supplement in everything you are missing. Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Magnesium, Selenium, Multi-Vitmains, Zinc, Quercetin, Curcumin, Ashwagandha, Trace Minerals (Fulvic Acid), Glutathione, Tongkat Ali, Shilajit, Turkestrone, NMN, Resveratrol, NAC, Boron, Botin (B6), B122, B17, Omega 3 and others. Read up and learn your nutrient and mineral names. Understand the tune and role they play in the orchestra of cellular health. Eat for performance, rather than mindless pleasure. Your health depends on it.

Movement: Walk, run, lift, climb, skip, hop and jump throughout the week focusing on functional movement patterns. 7 primal movement patterns. Squat, lunge, bend, twist, pull, push and gait. Sweat out and expel the toxins, challenge your muscles with resistance and seek to stimulate the heart and the anaerobic system for better cardiovascular regulation. Your health depends on it.

Adventure: We were not born to stay idle, playing video games, sitting at home watching the TV and being told what to think. We were born to have experiences and adventures. To travel and see the world around us. To meet people and learn new things, To wonder what is and what could be. To dream and to create. Your health depends on it.

Community: Your inner circle needs to be aligned. Encouraging, motivating and supportive. Surround yourself with people who want better and who are on the same journey. Let the naysayers go. It is ok to jump to a better ship. Your health depends on it.

Knowledge: Learning to research the topics that support your own greatness is imperative. Don’t regurgitate opinions from TV or mainstream as these are 99% of the time divisive and mis-directive in nature. Apply new knowledge to your routines and behaviours and only listen to those who live and lead the life you want. This means moving away from the normal channels. Research is an act of intent. So is intelligence. Your health depends on it.

Spiritual Connection: The western world and social system is designed to disconnect you from the universal laws. Disconnected and unhealthy humans are money making machines. Big business knows this fact however humanity as a whole is oblivious to the manipulation. To connect to one self you need to look inwards and study esoteric practices. Study the hermetic principles. The universal laws. Practice your connection and open your pineal gland to a higher self. Your health depends on it.

Why it’s important to have a healthy life?

To live longer and happily should probably be the goal. A health body and mind is a high functioning machine. You will be more successful and have a better standard of life if you keep yourself health and surround yourself with positivity.

Things you can do to improve your lifestyle:

  • write down what you a healthy lifestyle looks like to you and start making changes
  • complete a full detox from heavy metals using TRS and/or Zeolite
  • set up 100% RO water filter and structured water systems in your home
  • avoid processed foods that use toxic ingredients and toxic water in manufacturing
  • avoid pharmaceuticals that contain toxic ingredients
  • create an healthy eating plan
  • buy fresh food from the markets and avoid chemical laced options.
  • have a workout and movement plan with structure, programming and a coach
  • create mental health care plan or a self care plan
  • ensure you get enough sleep, rest and recovery with meditation.
  • have adventures, travel and see more of nature
  • reduce what you don’t want and add what you want more of
  • surround yourself with successful positive people rather than the naysayers
  • research into everything and use critical thinking more often
  • focus on skin health and stop allowing chemicals to come in contact
  • avoid modern wheat based products which are laced with toxins

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