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Why are Phi’on products unique?

Our primary objective at Elements4Life (E4L) is to encourage people to research more into health at a cellular level and then seek to start living a “toxic free lifestyle” that supports this healthy cellular environment. To inspire people to prevent disease and stay healthy for life. Nutrition with great movement and living smarter lifestyles is at the core of our philosophy.

Our primary objective in the design of all our Phi’on products is to help people prevent disease and stay healthy for life. Nutrition is at the core of our philosophy.

What makes Phi’on products unique is that they’re handmade and nutrient-dense, and our liquid products are made with pristine, structured water created by MEA Water ® Devices.

They are also rigorously researched and tested, and, in addition to the science, products made here at Phi’on are created with an awareness of the subtle energy systems of the body and the Earth.

Our most popular products, besides the paleobiotics, are Ideal, Agility, Eternal, Activate and Pinnacle, all from our Select Range. There are also three liquid sprays – Icon, Archea and Oceanos, our concentrated powder Lysine and Vitamin C Complex, and Arcana, a nutrient-dense face and hand creme.

What’s special about Phi’on’s Select Range is that each product targets body organ and system function and can be used together with the probiotics (paleobiotics). Let’s take a closer look at the winners…

Eternal not only balances gut biology and regulates the liquid pH balance of tissues and cells, but it also helps reduce the effect of environmental pollutants on cells. This activated zeolite liquid (more about zeolites later) selectively detoxes heavy metals that can then be excreted from the body through the kidneys, liver, skin, hair, and lungs. It is best taken orally (adults 5-10ml, children 1-2ml) just before bed with a probiotic.

Agility contains colloidal silver along with other powerful nutrients and can be applied directly to cuts, wounds, burns and rashes, or used as a nasal spray demister to relieve blocked sinuses. It can also be taken orally (add 5-10ml to drinking water daily) to help fight off cold and flu symptoms, although it is not designed to be taken for extended periods.

Activate combines 10 digestive acids with key minerals and nutrients to restore stomach acid levels. People who suffer from skin irritations, diarrhea, constipation, bloating and gas or bad breath can take Activate orally (5-10ml before breakfast) along with a probiotic to help alleviate these symptoms of poor digestion.

Pinnacle supports hormone balance, reduces the severity of osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis, supports calcium metabolism, hormone balancing, and improves brain function and cognitive performance. It contains essential minerals for the prevention of osteoarthritis and can be added to drinking water (5ml) twice a week.

Icon, Oceanos and Archea are liquid sprays that are absorbed through the skin. Icon is an oxygen liquid spray that penetrates the skin and oxygenates the blood. It helps with pain relief and also stimulates wound healing. Oceanos contains magnesium, which is perfect for stress relief, and can aid sleep, relieve cramps, restless legs, and sore muscles. Like our paleobiotics Harmony and Synerge, the three sprays are products for life – fundamental for your lifelong wellbeing journey.

Archea is more potent than Oceanos and ideal for nausea, loss of appetite, vomiting, fatigue, and other symptoms of acute magnesium deficiency. For sensitive skin, dilute with water or add 50ml to bath and soak for 30 minutes.

Lysine and Vitamin C Complex is a concentrated powder that improves blood health and relieves degenerative diseases, such as osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, and Alzheimer disease just to name a few. It also shortens cold and flu symptoms, reduces damage to cells due to toxins and helps metabolise glucose. It can be taken (5g dissolved in 250ml warm water) two to three time a week.

Arcana is a nutrient-rich creme containing concentrated seawater, trace minerals, magnesium oil, coconut oil, essential oils and herbs to stimulate cell regeneration and promote optimal skin health. It can be applied to the face, throat and hands, but many say its health benefits can also be gained when applied to the pulse and chakra points.

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