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Summary into BMR and TDEE

Maximising Your Fitness Goals: A Summary into BMR and TDEE

Welcome to our latest Elements4Life blog post!

Today, we’re delving into two crucial concepts that are often the cornerstone of any fitness journey – your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE). Understanding these can be the key to unlocking your fitness potential, whether you’re aiming to shed fat or build muscle.


How to Use BMR To Hack Your Diet



What is Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)?

Simply put, BMR is the number of calories your body needs to perform basic life-sustaining functions while at rest. It’s the baseline number of calories you burn just by being alive.

How Can You Calculate Your BMR?

To get a ballpark figure of your BMR, you can use online calculators. However, for a more accurate reading, consider undergoing a body composition analysis. This is especially useful for those with unique body compositions, such as athletes.

One formula that stands out, particularly for those who don’t fit the ‘average’ mould, is the Cunningham equation: 500 + (22 x lean body mass in kg). This method is excellent for adjusting as your body composition changes, especially when you increase lean muscle mass.

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Factors That Influence Your BMR

Your BMR isn’t set in stone. It’s affected by various factors including genetics, age, sex, hormones, and most notably, your body composition. By focusing on increasing your muscle mass through exercises like HIIT and resistance training, you can effectively boost your BMR.

Understanding Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE)

TDEE is essentially your BMR plus all the additional energy you expend through daily activities and exercise. To calculate your TDEE, multiply your BMR by a factor that correlates with your activity level.


How to Use BMR To Hack Your Diet


The Role of Diet in Achieving Your Fitness Goals

Fat Loss

For fat loss, the principle is straightforward – consume fewer calories than your TDEE. A safe and sustainable approach is to reduce your daily intake slightly, say by 200-300 calories. Prioritising high-protein, low-calorie foods like tilapia, Greek yogurt, and chicken breast can help ensure that the weight you lose is primarily fat.

Muscle Gain

On the flip side, if muscle gain is your aim, you’ll need to exceed your TDEE. A good target is to increase your daily intake by about 15%. However, this doesn’t mean just loading up on protein. While protein is crucial, a balanced increase that includes carbohydrates is essential. Remember, overdoing protein won’t necessarily translate to more muscle.

Final Thoughts

Whether your goal is to lose fat or gain muscle, the key is to tailor your diet and exercise plan based on your unique BMR and TDEE. Consistency and regular monitoring are vital to ensure you’re on the right track. Most importantly, remember that a balanced diet is crucial, regardless of your fitness objective.

We hope this Elements4Life post has shed light on how BMR and TDEE can be your allies in reaching your fitness goals.

Keep following our Elements4Life blog for more insights and tips on achieving your best health and fitness levels!


How to Use BMR To Hack Your Diet

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