Member Insight – Sarah Norton

Member Insight –┬áSarah Norton

Coaches Thoughts:

Sarah has improved out of sight and we can say she trains hard.

With improved mobility and strength we have seen Sarah hit new personal bests and milestones in 2018.

PB’s in deadlifts, squats and benchpress and simple things like enhanced range of movement in the squat have all been significant.

Getting stronger every week and we are looking forward to seeing her hit new levels in 2019.

Keep going Sarah! \0/

Sarah Norton

1. What are your fitness goals?

To be fit and strong so I can love my body.

2. What excites you about achieving these goals?

I am sick and tired of being told “no you can’t” or other bad news about my body in particular not being able to acheive pregancy.

3. What are the first 5 things on your bucket list?

  1. Have a baby
  2. Camping trip around Australia with Matt and some kids
  3. Finish renovating our house
  4. Retire before 50
  5. Finish travelling the world

4. What do you like about Elements4Life?

Love the friendship and community aspect. Love the challenging exercises.

5. Why is Elements4Life different compared to your previous fitness experiences?

Its a lifestyle, not a gym where you don’t know anyone and avoid eye contact. Everyone loves everyone!

6. What is your favourite fitness skill or workout?

Strength! I love lifting weights and feeling super proud of the things my body can achieve.

7. What does a healthy lifestyle mean to you?

Good nutrition, move my body, enjoying my life with Matt and our fur kids, Heidi abd Peppee. Reduced toxicity!

8. What event or adventure would you like to do in the near future? eg Tough Mudder, climb Mt Kosciusko, start surfing lessons.

Snorkling on a beautiful reef and not be too scared of sharks! (yeah right!)

Interested in training with our community?

Email – [email protected]