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Member Insight – Joanne Fitzgerald

Member Insight – Joanne Fitzgerald

Coaches Thoughts:

Jo is an integral member to the #E4LTeam and her quirkiness and on floor karaoke singing are trademarked.

Jo literally knows the lyrics to every song every written and she has been known to use a dumbbell as a microphone.

I remember her first gym tantrum and her first workout wobbly when things got tough and seemed initially hard.

As her coach I still get the odd stare and look of “don’t you dare” when I prescribe a challenging workout or skill.

The difference now is that she is a veteran and gets the job done.

She has come a long way and has hit many milestones and goals.

Everything from being able to do pull-ups on her own to being able to deadlift 130kg.

These are great milestones and a testament to her consistency and willingness to improve.

We only ever recognise our growth in hindsight.

Keep being “awesome” Jo!




1.What are your fitness Goals

It changes a lot depending on what is going on but at the moment I would love to achieve a PB on my back squat with a a full range of motion.  I would also love to do a pull up on my own.

UPDATE: She can now do both of these things.

2.What excites you about achieving these goals?

That these are even a goal at all – these things were not even something I would have thought of even doing in the past – now they are things that are achievable if I put the work in. I am amazed so often by what I can actually do since joining Elements4Life

3.What are the first 5 things on your bucket list

1. Travel more – I would love to explore more of the world and Australia – One country I would love to see if Bhutan and I would like to go and find where my Dad and his family lived in outback South Australia
2. Run a half marathon
3. Try something outside my comfort zone – So far I have jumped off the Sky Tower in Auckland and learnt to Scuba dive
4. Try singing or tap dancing lessons
5. Live overseas

4.What do you like about Elements4life?

I am so glad that I walked past Elements4Life by chance and spoke to Sab in November last year. I have not lived in Canberra for very long and I feel like I am not just part of a gym but part of a community. I have met such wonderful friends. As a gym I love the whole of lifestyle focus and also that the workouts are always different and always challenging. It’s easily the best gym in Canberra and I love it to bits.

5.Why is Elements4life and FocusPT different compared to your previous fitness experience?

I have been a member of four gyms and also done some different boot camps. Nothing has ever compared to what I have experienced at Elements4Life. I had a wonderful personal trainer though in Sydney who had similar philosophy to Sab and Erin – and when I spoke to Sab and he explained what Elements4Life was about I had to sign up (even though I was in a contract with another gym). The difference with Elements4Life is that the Team Training sessions are different everyday – they are tough but are still achievable. Sab and Erin know what everyone can do and it pushes you to keep going and give things a go. I have to say I am the fittest that I have ever been – in my life! I have also grown in confidence that has spread into other parts of my life. I have faced two situations that before I would have just given up on in the past and put my head in the sand like an ostrich. Thanks to Elements4Life I am stepping up!

6.What is your favourite fitness skill or workout?

This is hard I love everything because it is different. I have to say HIIT is my favourite session though. Nothing makes you feel like you have achieved something like a HIIT class. I also love FocusPT with Sab – there is really nowhere to hide and it is 45 minutes just for you.

7.What does a healthy lifestyle mean to you?

I think that balance is one of the secrets to life – nothing should be done in extremes – whether that is exercise, or eating chocolate. I think that is what I have started to learn and it takes some tweaking (I still have food binges at times) Also mindset is an important part of a healthy lifestyle too

8.What adventure would like to do in the near future?

If all goes to plan I hopefully will be undertaking Army Recruit Training at Kapooka (Near Wagga) for three months. It’s going to be tough but something completely different. My training at Elements4Life has given me a great base to work off!

UPDATE: Been there, done that!







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