Member Insight – Michael Robertson

Member Insight –┬áMichael Robertson – #E4LTeam

Coaches Thoughts:

We love having Michael at E4L.

Michael is a go getter, he works very hard and his energy and attitude is infectious.

Competitive by nature and brings a sense of leadership and work ethic to the workout floor.

He has worked hard on his own goals in the last few years at E4L and has proven to himself that he can achieve great things.

Also a great supporter of his team mates and gives them a push forward when required.

This is a great thing to have around you as it demands more effort and focus from the entire E4L team.

His lifts are stronger, he is fitter than ever and he is always looking to learn new moves and skills.

Looking forward to his next stage of growth and lets see if he can hit our new CLUB110% challenge.

1. What are your fitness goals?

Continue to build leg strength and cardio for riding

Increase upper body strength.

2. What excites you about achieving these goals?

Seeing the improvements on my bike.

Looking and feeling better.

3. What are the first 5 things on your bucket list?

Don’t have one. I just do things.

4. What do you like about Elements4Life?

Fun group environment.

5. Why is Elements4Life different compared to your previous fitness experiences?

Only other gym I have been to was a crossfit gym and I could not do half the exercises.

E4L has stuff buy nexium 40 anyone can do at their own level.

6. What is your favourite fitness skill or workout?

HIIT and lots of it.😁

7. What does a healthy lifestyle mean to you?

Being active and eating mostly healthy. Still need extras.

8. What event or adventure would you like to do in the near future? eg Tough Mudder, climb Mt Kosciusko, start surfing lessons.

More MTB races. Maybe a marathon

Interested in training with our community?

Email – [email protected]