Member Insight – Kathryn Gill

Name: Kathryn Gill

Participates in 1 x Focus Group PT session with her family (mum and brother) and enjoys E4L Team Training sessions to further enhance her fitness journey.

1. What are your fitness goals? 

Do a pull up/chin up. Squat 80kg. Run the 400m in under 1:40.

2. What excites you about achieving these goals?

Feeling stronger, seeing results, and being able to brag to the rest of the Gill fam.

3. What are the first 5 things on your bucket list?

  1. Get a well-paying job and save up enough money to take my family on an awesome holiday.
  2. Learn Linux.
  3. Adopt loads of pets from the RSPCA and the pound.
  4. Go to Greece.
  5. Live in France for a while and improve my French

4. What do you like about Elements4Life?

The trainers are awesome and very encouraging. They’re always keen to help me reach my goals. Everyone else who trains there is also really encouraging and friendly, which makes going to the gym enjoyable. I’ve been shown how to use all the equipment properly and the different techniques on different machines, so I can feel confident training on my own.

5. Why is Elements4Life and Focus PT different compared to your previous fitness experiences?

I’ve never stuck with anything else this long before. This is the first time I’ve felt actual results.

6. What is your favourite fitness skill or workout?

Bench press/shoulder press. I also love Thursday’s technique and mobility classes.

7. What does a healthy lifestyle mean to you?

Feeling energetic every day, and not eating so much fast food and ice cream.

8. What event or adventure would you like to do in the near future? 

I really want to get the whole Gill clan to do Tough Mudder.

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