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Healing with Negatively Charged Water

What characteristics of water are life-affirming or healing?

Most naturally occurring and untamed flowing rivers are negatively charged (millivolts-mV). These waters can be found in some springs, unpolluted natural rivers, and mineralised groundwater sources. The miraculous, magical, or energised waters of the globe are frequently found in wells, bores, and springs where the water comes in intimate touch with the minerals and magnetism of the rocks. These waters are renowned for having both human and animal therapeutic and homeopathic properties.

What characteristics of water then make it a life-affirming or healing substance?

Since water makes up at least 70% of the human body, it is obvious that it is essential to health. Despite being relatively young and highly undeveloped, the science of water is sufficiently developed to show that water with a negative millivolt charge is life-affirming and supports life. Healthy cell charges for both human and animal tissue range from -25 mV to -50 mV. To speed up healing and encourage cell regeneration, the cells of an injured body part will rise to a negative (-) 50 mV potential. This shift in polarity makes it easier for nutrients to reach the area that needs to repair. Therefore, we can conclude that in order for the body to heal, it needs to be able to deliver a negative charge (-) 50 mV on demand. This capability is provided by negatively charged cells and the availability of nutrients in the body.

Have you ever experienced how pleasant it is to go barefoot through a forest or on a sandy beach?

The grounding effect is the cause of this phenomenon. As humans, we are innately wired to interact with nature on a regular basis. While many civilisations still maintain this daily connection, modern Western society has little to no daily interaction with the natural world. We get a sense of well-being when we interact with nature on a regular basis because the ground is a source of powerfully therapeutic negative electrons.

When you stand barefoot on the ground, the earth’s slightly negative charge causes electrons to flow into your body, providing you a virtual transfusion of healing energy. The effect is the same when you drink negative voltage (electron charged) water, but it doesn’t take the place of our innate need for frequent exposure to nature.

Why is it necessary for us to have a constant connection with nature, consume complete, unprocessed foods, and consume water with negative electrical charge?

Your body constantly loses electrons and oxygen due to free radical stress caused by mercury pollution, smoking, insecticides, pesticides, trans fats, radiation, and food that has been irradiated. Grounding effectively reduces inflammation because it thins your blood (improving oxygen flow) and infuses you with negatively charged ions through the soles of your feet.

Negatively charged water is water that has been given life or energy. Similar to a battery, this water has the ability to both store and release energy. Every cell in your body receives energy from grounding that it can use for self-healing and self-regulation. Surfaces like sand, beaches, grass, bare soil, concrete, bricks, and ceramic tiles will let your body touch the earth.

Cell charges in healthy children and adults range from -25 to -35 mV. Fatigue, illness, infection, and chronic disease appear once cell charge drops to -15 mV and lower. Natural processes such as early morning sunlight, nutrient-rich food, drinking unpolluted water (e.g. water from a pristine source and without added chemicals such as fluoride and chlorine), walking barefoot on the beach or on grass, submerging the body in moving water (e.g. ocean, river, rain, shower), etc. can sustain a healthy cell charge (negative). You may find metres to measure body voltage online.

By consuming junk food, water that has been chemically contaminated, reverse osmosis water (also known as acid water), moderate to heavy amounts of carbonated beverages and alcohol, overcooked and processed food, caffeine, and moving air from air conditioners, fans, hair dryers, etc., it is possible to change a healthy cell charge into an unhealthy, low negative or positive charge. Air pollution is another factor that can change a cell charge.

A cell’s negative charge will always travel to the region (or regions) with the lowest negative or positive charge. For instance, embracing or touching a sick person might transfer bad energy to them, and lovers or couples can achieve cellular energy balance by physically interacting, such as holding hands, hugging, or kissing. This is why those who work in occupations where they have frequent, close physical contact with clients—such as physiotherapists, osteopaths, massage therapists, etc.—are always at risk of giving their patients negative charge from their bodies. Animals frequently drain people’s positive energy before they go to re-energise.

Any touch with the natural world—trees, rocks, natural waterways, etc.—allows negative earth charge to transfer to body cells and positive earth charge to transfer back to the earth. This is why being in touch with nature is so beneficial to your health. It is known as grounding to do this.

The decline in negative cell charge in human and animal cells, which began around the 1950s, is a major contributor to the rise in illness and disease. This is mostly the result of chemicals that have produced cell toxicity contaminating the air, land, water, and food. Additionally, people are considerably more likely to choose pharmaceutical drugs than alternative treatment methods.

So how can you tell whether you’re at risk of  low cell charge?

Measuring the pH (potential hydrogen) of your urine (cell water) is a straightforward test, and the ideal range is 6.5 to 7.8. For this task, it is advised to get a high-quality digital pH metre. Your ability to heal has been restricted if the measurement is below 6.5, hence effort must be taken to elevate the urine pH well over 6.5.

Numerous studies have demonstrated that cancer will develop when a cell’s water charge remains below 6.5 for an extended period of time and when its polarity is between -15 and +30 mV. While ageing is inevitable, a number of lifestyle and dietary factors, as well as harmful environmental pressures, greatly speed up the ageing and disease processes. In other words, the start of disease and ageing are not caused by a single factor, such as genes.

Since our bodies are primarily made of natural substances (food, air, and water) and are subject to very strict natural laws, such as the well-known principle of chirality (i.e., right and left handedness or spin), and because all of the amino acids and sugars in our bodies turn a beam of polarised light in either the left or right direction (e.g., L-lysine) and the opposite (e.g., D-ribose), it is impossible to Because of this, nature is the only source of the one-of-a-kind, bimolecular architecture with irreproducible intelligence and complexity that sustains all life on Earth.

I’ve been studying subtle energies for assessing the health of living systems (such as soil, plants, water, air, animals, and humans) since around 2000, and my work with a number of people in this area has led to experiments using negatively charged water on soil, plants, water, animals, and people. In 2012, my research firm created a magnetic gadget that can change water and keep a negative charge in it (last checked in 2016 as -350 mV). To get a large negative charge potential, the quality of the input water is essential.

Early test findings reveal that when this negatively charged water is utilised on living systems, they are capable of realising their full potential as long as they are provided with the necessary nutrients and other activities (eg. water needs to move or vortex to maintain a natural negative charge). Vegetables can grow to be 2-3 times their normal weight, and they can absorb nutrients up to 2-4 times more.

Significant reductions in disease and insect attack were made. Animals and young children appear to be subconsciously drawn to drink this water, which I refer to as electrified water because it has been magnetised or energised for a groundwater source. People who have been trailing this electrified water have told me that they feel less foggy and more alive and creative.

You can find further independent proof of these effects by searching for magnetised and/or energised water at https://www.greenmagnetfoundation.org/node.

Because your body is a self-regulating and self-healing system, you need electrons to keep your cells alive; otherwise, your organs and other life-support systems, such as your lungs, liver, heart, and immune system, will stop working. Oxygen is needed by the human body to move electrons, and a bad diet and lifestyle choices can reduce the amount of oxygen in the body, which can lead to sickness. Everyone must be able to achieve a cell charge between -50 and -70 mV at the site of healing; otherwise, healing is impossible. Injuries or infections won’t heal properly due to the low cell charge (negative), which increases your risk of developing chronic diseases.

The treatment involves eating nutrient-dense foods and drinking negatively charged water rather than taking pharmaceutical medicines, which often lower cell charge. You therefore require food and water at voltage. Additionally, the accumulation of toxins in the body is a significant factor in cell polarity change and loss of negative charge. If your cells are healthy, your body will naturally detox; if not, you may need to apply a natural detox process.

Water and biological coherence are essential to our energy systems as well as to maximise health, vitality, and longevity, according to scientific articles published since about 2000. The study of water structure sheds light on the liquid crystalline molecular web that links all the components and functions of living things. All alternative therapies for people and animals, including homoeopathic methods employing energised water, have a solid scientific foundation thanks to this living matrix. By lowering oxidation (the loss of oxygen) and increasing the flow of electrons through the body, negative voltage water and the employment of grounding techniques in nature have an anti-oxidant effect on the body.

The structure and energy of water, as well as cell polarity, are more important to life’s functioning than its natural chemical components. The cooperation between biological molecules and water in the living world is equal. Your body is electric, just like everything else in the cosmos.


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