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Why is E4L Team Training the ultimate in fitness?

Why is E4L Team Training the ultimate in training systems?

Welcome to Elements4Life | E4L Team Training Centres.

The E4L Team Training system is special and unique and is considered Advanced Functional Training 2.0.

Read on to find out why.

Unfortunately, too many people focus on the material aspects of their fitness, tend to be inconsistent and plateau very quickly.

They disconnect to why they are training and go off track.

Would you consider making the choice of better habitual change and sustainable training to get better results?

The future of training is building a fitness system that best benefits the functional mechanics and long term health of the human body.

Individualised results.

High intensity, strength cycles and endurance training.

Better routines and a connected environment.

Mobility, flexibility and recovery.

A training system that focuses on quality coaching, advanced technology, and community.

E4L Team Training has taken all the best elements of the modern training systems and developed a revolutionary Functional Training system that really does leave the competition behind.

A multi-faceted training system with over 51+ different E4L workouts and 1000’s of different skills and variations.

Warmups, explanations, coaching, effective workouts, cool downs and recovery.

We cover it all and we use SmartTeam™ coaching technology with the added help from MyZone and InBody.

A genuine focus on the personal goals for effective fat loss, strength, muscle growth, overall structural development and physical aesthetics.

E4L Team Training is a fitness system that will support successful long term physical change and a better lifestyle.

E4L Team Training works because our coaches are trained to be more precise and more diligent to execute the specific programming and support better technique.

10 Elements of Fitness

Cardio/ Respiratory Endurance

Learn How To Execute:

Functional Movement
High Intensity Training
Strength Cycles
Olympic Lifts
Kettlebell Techniques
Bodyweight Control and Stabilisation
Cardio & Endurance
Anaerobic Threshold Training 

Want to know more…?

We use the 4 Elements – Water, Fire, Wind and Earth.

  • Fire Power is Strength, Lifting and Muscle Development
  • Wind Energy are High Intensity Anaerobic full body stimulators.
  • Water Flow is all about recovery. mobility and flexibility.
  • Earth Core is all about midline development and strength.

All programs are different, constantly varied and we utilise the entire gym and all the equipment.

E4L Team Training is an effective structured program that specialises in Functional Training with specific varied daily programming to provide the complete environmental challenges to stimulate the nervous system towards physical, mental and emotional change.

These classes will shred fat, sculpt the body, build muscle and increase your strength to amazing levels.

We have combined all the benefits and science of Crossfit, martial arts, athletic performance, Strength & Conditioning, 45 minute principals, aerobic & anaerobic training, and combined them into one highly effective training system.

Work on all 10 elements of fitness and become the person you really want to be.

These classes suit all fitness levels as your Elements4Life Coach will guide you to perform better technique and teach you a better understanding of your body and mental limits.

We are building better lifestyles and building better humans.


What is your gym membership really getting you?

E4L Team Training as a whole is more effective overall in the long term than doing “functional circuits” or “extended cardio” on their own.


You need to present the nervous system and your physical structure as a whole, with a clear level of progression in volume, resistance and range.

Build lean muscle, develop strength and lose that dreaded fat.

Do you know your numbers?

Do you record and measure your results?

How is your nutrition?

Does your current training facility support this type of programming and does it support the following skills with a great coach in guidance on a regular basis?

  • Functional Movement
  • Loaded Back & Front Squats
  • Deadlifts
  • Bench Press
  • Clean and Jerk
  • Snatch (Advanced)
  • Sprints & Anaerobic Training
  • Overhead Press
  • Good Mornings & Loaded Hinges
  • Pull-Ups & Upper Body Development
  • Pushups & Other Foundation Skills
  • Functional Patterns & Sequences
  • Mobility, Recovery & Technique

Master these skills within a solid fitness routine and watch your results soar.

Consistency and effective training wins the prize.

What are your personal bests?

What is your 5RM, 3RM and 1RM?

Are you functionally mobile?

Do you have a program and a plan?

Do you have a coach?

Who do you talk to about your goals, lifestyle and nutrition?

If your facility doesn’t provide you with these major elements, you are in the wrong place.

Especially for the long term.

Any one can burn some fat doing circuits.

There is more to it than that.

The fitness industry has evolved.

The science is well understood.

Elements4Life | E4L Team Training has been structured to deliver GENUINE optimal results for the long term.



Delivering better experiences, coaching and culture to individuals, couples & families seeking better fitness results and lifestyle solutions.

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