An awesome post we received from an E4L team member today!

READ POST HERE: I do not have a enough words to describe how much I love Elements4Life – Functional Gym & Personal Training so it thought I would share my experience…. I have a specific fitness goal that I have been working towards (won’t go into specifics here) and I was chatting with Erin about it the other day. She contacted me later and asked if I would like to set up a coaching session with Sab to assist me. I was able to set up a time with Sab and we went through everything and it was awesome. I have been members of gyms before and they have been great but this is another level – 1. Owner Erin really listened – she thought about how she could help and she went out of her way to make it happen. 2. Head coach Sab thought about how he could help and had a plan for me. This is above and beyond. I am now filled with confidence that I can meet this goal and feel I have the backing of this wonderful place. Thank you so much Erin and Sab – you’re a wonderful team and it will just go further with the lovely Alyssa too. Can’t thank you enough hurry all and get down here! You will not regret this at all. Cheers


Great trainers, great gym and great atmosphere. Everyone is made to feel welcome and a lot of emphasis is made on technique and the right mindset. Congratulations on a successful and friendly gym!!


 E4L has a great community, everyone belongs! I have experienced great successes by being pushed and encouraged by great coaches. I have never wanted to be in the gym more!


Professional coaches, friendly, supportiveatmosphere! Absolutely recommend them to anyone wanting to join the gym! 🙂
Erin Wells was once a client….now the owner and coach of Elements4Life.

Sab is the most passionate person I know…I discovered this when I started training with him 6 months ago.

My very first session at Club Lime was an assessment where I was lucky enough to meet Sab. He took me through a basic program of cardio, some weights and abdominal work…I thought I might die! However I came away from the session knowing it was time I did something about my overweight body, focused on becoming healthy for my 4 kids and finally putting myself first for a change.

6 months later and I am addicted to the gym! I now train at least 6 days a week, have a much better diet and feel 100% better both physically and mentally than I have in a very long time. Sab has helped me so much to get to this place through his constant support and motivation techniques…this has even included the odd text message checking up on what I’ve been eating! In fact I’m sitting here eating a banana instead of a bowl of sugary cereal (my old go-to snack).

Watching other people training at the gym, I can always spot those who train with Sab…their technique is sharper, they have a program in hand and do a variety of cardio and weights. He expects nothing but the best from his clients and gives just as much in return.

Sab’s passion for total body health and fitness has definitely rubbed off and inspired me to follow my own passion of dance and theatre. Thanks to a fitter, stronger and slimmer body I had the courage to audition for a local theatre production, something I’d wanted to do for a long time.

Every week I look forward to my training sessions with Sab, including being part of his Friday “A Team” Group PT Jungle session. There’s always something new and challenging in his sessions…I still feel like I might die but always come away feeling satisfied knowing I’ve been pushed to my limit and succeeded. BOOM!

Erin Wells


Was thinking on the way home yesterday how much nicer it is to go to the gym now, I hadn’t realised how impersonal the previous place had become and how down it was making me feel. Thank you, it certainly helps when you don’t dread going!