Your experience at Elements4Life will be a personal one and you will be treated like an individual with a focus on your own personal ambitions ~ Sebastian Jago


Our vision is to change the way society and our local community view their lifestyles, the way they move, training, fitness and health and provide them with a platform to successfully make long term adaptions, establish better lifestyles and evolve as individuals in a friendly atmosphere close to home.

We want to inspire YOU!


Elements4Life Gym – #Train4Life

E4L Academy – #Building Better Humans


To inspire directly through action and attitudes as coaches.

Show passion for what we do and have fun.

Stand for excellence  in delivery.

Stand for excellence in programming.

Stand for excellence in attention to detail.

Stand for excellence in operation.

Stand for excellence in consistency, self improvement and progression.

Standing for excellence is our habit of choice.

We are human, you are human and we will treat you like a human.


We assess and apply solutions to our clients’ fitness requirements whether it be physical, mental or emotional.

We like to implement known techniques as well as experiment with what works for the individual. This action and focus will improve the health and quality of people’s lives.


We have created a connection with our national partners and colleagues.

We enjoy working together, we enjoy sharing experiences, and we enjoy exchanging knowledge for mutual benefit.  We will continue to learn and grow.


We are proud to have an experienced team of personal trainers, coaches and business managers with history of more than 20 years. Building strong friendships and respect with our employees, industry partners, clients and suppliers.


Just like the name of our Personal Training division suggests – Focus PT – we are focused on the needs of our clients and members at all levels of business.


We are committed to being honest and forthcoming in everything we do. Everyone. Everywhere. Always.


We insist on the highest level of professionalism, expertise, humility, understanding and attention to detail. We create opportunities for the industries’ best. We strive to inspire everyone to give their best, supporting development and personal growth.


We are a manifestation of our dreams.

We support ideas and personal initiatives.

If we make a mistake…if….we learn, we rectify, and we improve.


We want results driven by process.

We eliminate everything that is not essential.

We continue to improve and take pride in our processes and performance.

We tell you how it is.

We tell you what you need to know to get results.


We don’t hold back.

Our communication is clear, direct and relevant.


We say thank you!

Without our clients and support we are just an empty space.

We value your opinion.

We know your name and who you are.


We empathise with others.

We are activists and we take action with leadership.

We enjoy talking, sharing time, and experiences.

We believe in an open pathway of communication.

We secure relationships beyond the professional and into the special.


Who is Sebastian Jago?

My coaching is based around behavioural adjustments inside and outside of the gym via specific education, learning and knowledge~ Sebastian Jago 

Sebastian’s Major Accomplishments

1988 – 2016: 28 years of self-managed entrepreneurial business in a variety of fields

2000 – 2004: Studied Information Management, Business, Sport Psychology & Sport Science

2000 – 2011: Cert III & Cert IV In Fitness with PTA Global (Reviewed Certification in 2011)

2015 – 2016: Master Functional Trainer

2011 – 2012: EMT (Effective Movement Training) – Advanced Sports Training – Internationally Recognised Certification (PTA Global)

2011 – 2012: CrossFit Trainer Level 1

2015 – 2016: Cert IV in Training and Assessment

2015 – 2016: Sports Power Coach Level 1 Licence (Australian Weightlifting Federation)

2015 – 2016: Master Functional Trainer

2015 – 2016: Precision Nutrition Certification

2015 – Present: Head Coach & Owner of Elements4Life Team Training Centre

2016 – Present: Continuing to work on myself as a person via learning, further education, sharing and helping others.

Sebastian’s Key Words

Energy | Frequencies | Vibrations

432Hz & Sacred Geometry

I love skimming rocks on the river

Dog Man

Cider over Beer


Boxing Day Test


Star & Sun Gazing

Working Out & Dynamic Movement

Self-Development & Learning

Activist & Humanitarian

Higher States of Consciousness 

Other Education

Advanced Kettlebells 1 & 2

Fundamentals in Power Bags

Fundamentals in Battle Ropes

Fundamentals in Mobility

Fundamentals in Suspension

Punch Fit Australia Certification

Mums and Tums

Olympic Lifts

Metabolic Finishers

Understanding High Intensity Interval Training (HITT)

Maximising Muscle Strength and Hypertrophy (Growth)

Dealing With Tricky Weight Loss

Threshold Training

Loaded Movement

Fundamentals in Suspension

Punch Fit Australia Certification

Mums and Tums

Olympic Lifts

Metabolic Finishers

Understanding High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)


Music Production & Record Label – SJE Records

Life Coaching & Helping Others

Good Food & Cooking



Sporting Achievements

English Indoor Cricket Team

Indoor Cricket World Cup & International Tours

State Badminton Champion 2 Years

State AFL

State Cricket

State Hockey

State Indoor Cricket

Previous Business Experience

Director of Symphony Homes & Strategic Property Services (2000 – 2003)

Director of 5 Star Cricket Equipment ACT (2000 to 2012)

Director of Buzz Monkey Energy (2007 to 2010)

Director of Monkey Grip Beverages (2007 to 2010)

Current Business Experience

Head Coach of Elements4Life Gym Network –

Director of Online Coaching Australia –

Director of SJE Records –

Director of E4L Academy –

Who is Erin Wells?

3 years ago, 4 months after giving birth to my 4th child, I took the first step towards changing my life.

I joined a gym and found a great coach!

At the time I was suffering post-natal depression, was overweight & struggling to motivate myself, I felt like I was drowning in my life. I was ashamed of the person I saw in the mirror and knew it was time to make a change.

I wanted to be able to jump on the trampoline with my kids, have more energy, and really just wanted to become a happy mother for my children. I was craving physical activity and wanted to dance again but was too overweight and in the wrong headspace to do anything about it.

As a child I loved to dance, was heavily involved in the local swimming club and athletics team. I then followed my dreams and studied Dance at WA Academy of Performing Arts. Years later after travelling and living life, I began teaching ballet. Teaching was something that came naturally to me as my passion for dance was contagious and my students enjoyed being encouraged to push their limits!

It was then my turn so I joined a gym.

I started like most people, walked on the treadmill, did a few group classes but didn’t really know what I was doing and how to get the results I wanted.

I then found a great Coach and Personal Trainer.

He changed the way I saw the gym, changed the way I thought about fitness & exercise, even helped me change my terrible eating habits with firm but encouraging words.

After starting personal training it was only a few months and the results were obvious, I was slimming down, was no longer out of breath chasing after my kids, was enjoying the “me time” going to the gym and loved smashing out a hard session every day!

I had in fact become addicted to training! Not a bad thing to be addicted to!

In 2014 I decided I wanted to be the coach, I wanted to help people the way my PT had helped me. So I enrolled in the Fast Track program through AIPT and began studying to become a Personal Trainer.

The course was great but a lot of my knowledge has come from being in the gym, training hard myself and most of all watching and learning from my mentor. This lead to an incredible opportunity, a chance to open my own gym and as a close friend said to me “If someone offers you an amazing opportunity and you’re not sure you can do it, say yes then learn how to do it later – Richard Branson” so I said YES!

It’s now 3 years since I joined a gym, in that time the changes I have made have enabled me to become a confident, strong, independent woman, something I did not think was possible. I am now proud of the person I have become, am much happier, I have a firm goal and because of this I am a better mother to my children.

Why did I open a gym?

So that I can help others become the best people they possibly can be and give them the tools to be healthy & happy individuals. To create a friendly environment where everyone feels comfortable enough to ask questions, chat with the other members, to make a kind of community. Really I just want everyone to discover how powerful you can feel when you take charge of your health.

Building strength in the gym is just one step to taking charge and in my opinion nothing else makes you feel better!

Interested in training with me at Elements4Life?



Elements4Life is operated by genuine fitness professionals who are passionate about the fitness industry and passionate about helping other people. The true importance of health, fitness, strength and a happy lifestyle is often overlooked and misunderstood. It can seem so far away without any clear path to achieve success. The team at Elements4Life is encouraging people to invest in their health, invest in our programs and invest in a better lifestyle. Let us help you.

The best coaches are those with life experience, maturity and their own story to tell. Erin Wells, a mother of 4, has had her own personal battles with weight and postnatal mindset. She started her journey to true fitness with a Personal Trainer and inspired many along the way. Now she is a coach helping others achieve the same results. As a business owner passionate about changing peoples lives with supportive coaches, she has diligently employed the best Personal Trainers and support staff in the region, chosen on a strict selection criteria.

Sebastian Ellis, co-owner and founder, has been appointed by Elements4Life as Head Coach and is in charge of all facility programming and personal training. With 20+ years high performance sport, athletics, general life and coaching experience, Sebastian brings a diverse and broad outlook to training and lifestyle adaptation. He literally has thousands of personal training sessions under his belt with numerous corresponding success stories. Whether your goal is aesthetics, fitness maintenance, athletic performance, fighting depression or you just want to improve your current lifestyle and health, Sebastian is the right coach to get you to where you want to be. Training should also be fun and you will find this within his specially designed small group training classes called X-Element45 which should be a part of everyone’s training schedule.  Make training a part of your lifestyle.

Sebastian Ellis designed the X-Element45 training program in 2012 with emphasis on the 10 elements of fitness, functional training, unconventional training and traditional training methods and in July 2014 it became a reality when the first E4L Gym was opened.

X-Element45 represents the system and the duration of the class. Fire Power, Wind Energy, Earth Core and Water Flow are the 4 programs of the system.

Our mission is simple. To provide you with a platform to establish a better lifestyle and achieve true fitness and health in a friendly atmosphere close to home.

Are you interested in Personal Training?

Do you enjoy Group Training?

Do you want an Exclusive Gym Membership and train when you want?

Do you want your variable programs pre arranged?

Do you want fitness systems that work and are sustainable for the rest of your life?


Suitable for all levels of fitness as we will scale to your needs.

Use the contact form below to make an appointment

Elements4Life 45 minute small group training system is called X–Element (X-45). This is an effective system that focuses on variable functional training methods with the aid and guidance of established and mature coaches.

We will provide the intensity, fun and guidance.

Suitable for all levels.



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