Why is the experience at Elements4Life different?

We don’t want to give away all our secrets, however, the individual experience you will have at Elements4Life is a personal one.  

The best way to determine the difference is to have an experience within the facility over a period of time, participate in our programs, follow our guiding and passionate coaches and make up your own mind.  

Try our 30 Day Kickstarter for the ultimate trial into our services and training philosophy and you will then feel enticed to rollover into one of our Team Training, Semi-Private or Focus Personal Training personal investment programs.  

Your lifestyle, fitness and health will be improved to new levels due to our unique daily training systems, core values, principles and we will show you how to become the person you really want to be.  

Elements4Life is the future and evolution of training and lifestyle adaption as we bring in all the great elements of training into one

We specialise in team training and utilise a fully equipped gym.

We specialise in personal training and semi private team training.

We specialise in individual success.

We specialise in lifestyle adaptation.

We specialise in the delivery of our programming.

We specialise in human development and community.

We are specialists

Unlimited Philosophy & Potential

We are not limited to one type of training methodology however deliver programs that combine all known successful training elements that support physical change and enhanced health into one place.  

We are versatile and our programs are designed to cater for every individual so anyone can participate.  

We have specific programs to support every goal from strength training, muscle development, general health, aesthetics, rehabilitation and sports specific.

Our X-Element45 program in particular is simply the best of everything in one highly effective program and system!

We work as a team and support each other.

All our clients are taught how to properly perform the 7 major primal movement patterns, Elemental Patterns, with optimal technique. These are the fundamental movements that humans perform on a daily basis – squatting, bending, lunging, pushing, pulling, twisting and gait – which is anything from crawling, lifting, walking, climbing and running.

Apply resistance and clear challenges to the body and we have the best physical training program possible for the human body.

In A Nutshell

In a nutshell, our dedicated coaches, lifestyle services, tracking systems, accountability principals and training philosophy are unique and highly effective.

Sign up for a 30 Day Kickstarter and get started with your experience at Elements4Life today.

Elements4Life was developed for the sole purpose of making a difference within our society at the roots.  

We assess and apply solutions to our clients’ fitness requirements whether it be physical, mental or emotional.

We like to implement known techniques as well as experiment with what works for the individual. This action and focus will improve the health and quality of people’s lives as individuals.  We are all human and our goal is to help you move efficiently, gain superior strength and establish the path that will support your goal.  Talk to us about your fitness, goals and current lifestyle with confidence.

We are proud to have an experienced team of personal trainers, coaches and business managers with history of more than 20+ years. Building strong friendships and respect with our employees, industry partners, clients and suppliers.

Our unique training systems, such as the X-Series, and in particular X-Element45, are designed to bring ALL the best of all known training systems into one highly effective system that works on the 10 Elements of Fitness which will accelerate your results and progression unlike any other system.  

We will continue to improve our programming and install the best coaches to facilitate these programs.

All our programs are backed by scientific research, testing and a true understanding of human movement, posture, nutrition and motor mechanics.

Key Statements

  1. Team training, semi private and personal training specialists 
  2. Exclusive 300 members only = More space, more individualisation & essential equipment is available at key training times
  3. Everyone knows each other by name = Friendly environment, great atmosphere and an awesome community
  4. The coaches are the owners of the business = Personal connection with members on all levels
  5. Small details, thoughtful programming, unique training systems, accountability and tracking systems = Better overall long term results
  6. Small groups kept to 12 participants or fewer = Better results, better technique and better coaching
  7. Best coaches made available by strict selection criteria = Best possible platform of coaching for all members
  8. Catering for the genuine needs of each and every individual on a personal level = physical, mental and emotional balance


Why is X-Element45 the ultimate in fitness systems?

The X-Element45 system is special, unique and is the evolution in training systems.  Read on to find out why!

Unfortunately, too many people focus on small parts of their fitness, are inconsistent and they plateau very quickly, get bored and end up quitting due to the lack of results and progression.

Has this ever happened to you?  

The future of training is building a fitness system that best benefits the functional mechanics and long term health of the human body.  

We must focus on all teh elements of your lifestyle to ensure that you can best adapt HEALTH as a concept and value into your life.

X-Element45 runs every day at Elements4Life and is a structured written program and provides great results for anyone who is consistently involved and engaged.  

We utilise the entire gym space and all the equipment.

The Elements4Life Gym network has successfully created this new system and it is the future of training.

We focus on the personal goals of effective fat loss, strength, muscle growth, overall structural development and aesthetics.

X-Element45 is a fitness system that will support successful long term physical change and a better lifestyle and it allows people to train in a group.

We have evolved everything we know about fitness into 1 complete system – X-Element45. 

1) X-Element45 is NOT a computer programmed “Functional Circuit”.

However we play music, have fun and train hard!

We use “Traditional”, “Unconventional” and “Functional” methods and workouts

2) X-Element45 is NOT Crossfit!

However we have taken the best elements from the sport and we build athletes who are strong and dynamic in all planes of motion.

3) X-Element45 is NOT a repetitive choreographed entertainment program!

All E4L daily programs are varied and executed by well trained coaching staff with a focus on traditional, unconventional and functional training methods.

We focus on COACHING principles.

4) X-Element45 is NOT a sterile gym environment where you fight over equipment with people you don’t know!

We limit our memberships to 300 with a focus on the individual and community.

5) X-Element45 IS highly effective!

We have fun, we work hard, we are social, we are informative and we are the best of everything!

We train humans.  We treat you like a human. 

Best way to find out is try it yourself!


Want to know more…?

X-Element45 is the ultimate in fitness systems as we have combined all the known successful training methods.

It works because our coaches are trained to be more precise and more diligent to execute the specific programming and support technique.

It is safe and well delivered.


All 10 elements of fitness are combined into the one full body program called X-Element45

This focus on the 10 elements when done correctly with proper instruction and technique are integral components of training that promote long term physical change!

Technique is a paramount ideal to our business model, so all groups are kept to 12 maximum to ensure focus on proper form, intensity and individualisation.


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10 Elements of Fitness

Cardio/ Respiratory Endurance

Learn How To Execute:

Olympic Lifts
Kettlebell Technique
Bodyweight Control and Stabilization
Cardio & Endurance
Anerobic Thresholds (HIIT)
And More

All gym equipment and gym space is utilised.

Outdoor and indoor sessions included.



The four sub programs of X-Element45:

  1. Fire Power is Strength, Lifting and Muscle Development
  2. Wind Energy are High Intensity Anaerobic full body stimulators.
  3. Water Flow is our technique & Mobility Sessions
  4. Earth Core is our focus on the midline strength and stability

All programs are written and programmed by the experienced coaches not by a computer with clear progressions, regressions and attention to technique. All programs are different, constantly varied and we utilise the entire gym and all the equipment. All elements of fitness are covered unlike other 45 minute systems. X-Element45 is an effective structured program that specialises in Functional Training with specific varied daily programming to provide the complete environmental challenges to stimulate the nervous system towards physical, mental and emotional change.

These classes will shred fat, sculpt the body, build muscle and increase your strength to amazing levels and unlike any other class or system. Learn how to train effectively.

Included in the program are X-Element45 Wind Energy High Intensity Interval (HIIT) small group classes that shred fat faster than any other method of training. Indoor & Outdoor environments will also be utilised. Constantly varied. 1000’s of exercises. We have combined all the benefits and science of Crossfit, martial arts, athletic performance, Strength & Conditioning, 45 minute principals, aerobic & anaerobic training, and combined them into one highly effective training system. Work on all 10 elements of fitness and become the person you really want to be.

These classes suit all fitness levels as your Elements4Life Coach will guide you to perform better technique and teach you a better understanding of your body and mental limits.

Class Types – Fire Power, Wind Energy, Water Flow, Earth Core, HIIT, Punch, Technique & Mobility, Saturday Super Session and Beginners. Every class will be different. The “Workout of The Day” (WOD) will be outlined on the whiteboard.

We are building better lifestyles and building better humans.

See Timetable HERE

See Class Types HERE

What is your gym membership really getting you?


X-Element45 as a whole is more effective overall in the long term than doing “functional circuits” or “extended cardio” on their own. Why? You need to present the nervous system and your physical structure as a whole, with a clear level of progression in reps, load, range and with an understood resistance relative to your current capacity. These levels change based on your level of fitness and strength.

Do you know your numbers?

Do you record your results?

How is your nutrition?

You must also build a physical structure that can maintain and sustain any fat loss success you have experienced in a X-Element45 HIIT session or via other extended cardio sessions.  

Your nutrition must also be better for the best result.

Functional circuits are good for a period of time (6 Weeks max) but they become simply light body weight cardio for many in a very short time once you become conditioned  

Your fat loss will plateau very quickly and your strength with also flat line.

Extended cardio will burn some fat but more muscle tissue which will leave you in a state of no mans land in regard to results.

Ever heard of skinny fat?  A continuing battle with fat loss, muscle definition and strength. You must build muscle, sustain this muscle, improve and support a better over all physical structure, with a clear system of progression and resistance. You must also provide yourself with a base structure of training. You must lift, know your numbers, follow a program, eat to sustain the goal and your lifestyle and ensure plenty of rest for the body. High level coaching is the best method for success.

Does your current training facility support this type of programming and does it support the following skills with a great coach in guidance on a regular basis?

  • Focus on the 7 Primal Movement Patterns (Elemental Patterns)
  • Loaded Back & Front Squat
  • Deadlift
  • Bench Press
  • Clean and Jerk
  • Snatch (Advanced)
  • Sprints & High Intensity Sequences
  • Overhead Press
  • Good Mornings
  • Pullups
  • Pushups
  • Functional Patterns & Sequences
  • Mobility & Technique
  • Nutrition Planning
  • Food Preparation
  • Paleo Food Options
  • Massage & Recovery


Does your current training facility provide you with structured HIIT sessions, structured resistance and strength sessions (Lifting substantial loads), technique and mobility sessions? What are your personal bests? What is your 1RM? Do you have a program? Do you have a coach? Who do you talk to about your goals, lifestyle and nutrition?

If your facility doesn’t provide you with these major elements, you are in the wrong place. Especially for the long term. Any one can burn some fat doing circuits. There is more to it than that. The fitness industry has evolved. The science is well understood. Don’t fall for gimmicks or companies who promote celebrities, diets or fads.

X-Element45 has been structured to deliver GENUINE optimal results for the long term.

Elements4Life is also a fully equipped gym for you to execute the major skills and utilise at your leisure with full lifestyle services available.

Get real about your training as a whole and become the person you really want to be!