Member Insight – Dave Curwain

Member Insight – Dave Curwain

Coaches Thoughts:

Dave has worked hard on all areas of his fitness and mindset and it really shows.

He has evolved into an adventurous athlete who loves a challenge and continually works on himself daily.

Calisthenics and body weight training is his favourite way to train and he has been able to advance his fitness to new levels.

From someone who could not hold his body weight and was physcially unhappy a few years ago he is now somone who can run 15km and hold a human flag.

Very impressive attitude and well done!

Keep inspiring.

1. What are your fitness goals?

– To be at a reasonable body fat percentage that is healthy and I can maintain.
– To build muscle, improve strength but to be able to maintain movement, flexibility and motion for other things I am using my gym training for.
– Gain much needed cardio vascular ability to be able to run much further distances without stopping.
– Get my body to the point where I can confidently begin my next level of training being some kind of martial arts, I still haven’t decided which yet.

2. What excites you about achieving these goals?

When I set my mind on something such as training in the gym and out and about for my health and wellbeing, I know I am gaining skills for life, I know I will live longer and happier and I know that one day I will inspire others, I am always excited to discover new skills and movements that will help me in life.

3. What are the first 5 things on your bucket list?

– To own my first home for our family.
– Travel overseas to somewhere exotic.
– Be in a job or a position in a job where others are looking up to me.
– Snowboard in one or multiple of the most remote locations in the world.
– Visit somewhere significant (For an Aussie and for the nerd inside me) such as NASA, if only I could spend a day at the facility with its technology and be able to witness a launch.

4. What do you like about Elements4Life?

Sab… really? You should have asked what I don’t like, it would have made it SO much easier with ZERO words! Hahah but no seriously….
Guys, I love the dedication and commitment you guys make to your clients, not looking at each person as a tick box on their trainer sheet but a person that can be improved through your commitment to them as a person and with time and patience and encouragement to teach them that they are so much more and self-improvement is only a door away.

You guys give so much for free, I know I’ve mentioned this on numerous occasions and I am forever grateful.

5. Why is Elements4Life different compared to your previous fitness experiences?

After doing many years of general weights and cardio and not seeing the results I wanted, I have learned so much more at E4L, incorporating so much more movement and function in my training and becoming a much better version of myself and discovering techniques I never knew existed.

I have learnt too much now to ever go back, and about other gym franchises and their structure or lack thereof, to not really care about the “gym guys” and only focus on the amount of memberships they have. Elements 4 Life is not like that and never will be, this is the message I pass onto so many. Thank you guys!

6. What is your favourite fitness skill or workout?

To put it short, I would have to limit my best result workouts to the following:

*HIIT Intensity training with a variety of skills like core, abs, cardio, back, chest, lunges, squats, overhead presses and tire flips, but I could never limit it to this as my variety changes all the time.

My favourite exercise/skill would have to be tire flipping. Unfortunately though this is very inaccurate if limited to one though as things like wood chop cable swings, kettle bell swings and dead lifting (of course!) is now also my all-time favourite!

7. What does a healthy lifestyle mean to you?

So the saying goes “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”, right? Well what if “could be better” is as good as broken? My attitude towards life and fitness has drastically changed within the last year and I am grateful for everyone who has supported me move in this direction, self-improvement and commitment to my goals has been my #1 over the last 12 months (besides my wife and daughter) and I am seeing major results!

I believe in the saying “Sacrifice today for a better tomorrow”, this goes without saying, for all who are willing to put the effort in.

Also, failing time and time again I am discovering things about myself I have never known, getting back up and pushing myself over and over again until it goes my way is something that’s helped me in my own life to think about when times get tough, to never give up.

I believe this attitude is something that helps both mentally and physically!

Simple answer is, a healthy lifestyle has helped me to live again.

8. What event or adventure would you like to do in the near future? 

In order but not limited to:
– Tough Mudder Sydney 2019
– Rock climbing both indoor/outdoor
– Martial arts lessons
– Jungle adventure, overseas
– Trek up a mountain that’s challenging but still within Australia, some day.

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