Elements4Life RiotACT Article

Elements4Life RiotACT Article

In the latest Elements4Life RiotACT Article we find out more about how E4L is altering the fitness landscape for the better.

Article Excerpt: 

Bucking the trends: team training has all the elements for a fitter future.

Elements4Life uses smart technology as part of its programming to deliver enhanced experiences in a team environment which build a strong community of people with a similar purpose who support each other’s ambitions and goals.

Elements4Life RiotACT Article

Elements4Life Coaching Team – Sebastian, Joe & Erin

“We like to make sure everyone’s first experience with us gives them a feeling of acceptance, that they’re included, and that there’s a community of people just like them,” says Sebastian. “We’re empowering people to use functional fitness and to improve every aspect of their life and lifestyle.

“Fitness is an essential part of a good mental health regime and we need to acknowledge that.”

“We are so fortunate to have the awesome members we’ve got. We’re incredibly grateful for them and thankful we have built such a great community of people who want to support their fitness and local business. Elements4Life, in the end, is their training space and special place.”

Elements4Life is currently offering memberships at its E4L Team Training Centres, as well as virtual memberships.

For more information, head to the Elements4Life website, or call 0414 437 889.

Keep reading to find out more about why E4L is a market leader in all variations of intensity training and their trademarked Smart™ experiences.

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