E4L Nutrition Plans

Elements4Life (E4L) is now providing a certified, in-depth and delicious nutrition planning service for our clients to greater support their goals and health.

To do this we are pairing our clients’ workouts with personalised nutrition-focused meal plans and these will be available via the SmartTeam™ membership or as an Add-On service on demand.

E4L nutritional meal plans will be a great addition to the direct advice, motivation, assessment, and physical training programs we provide here at Elements4Life.

The E4L Nutrition plans will help our clients know what, when and how to eat in order to maintain healthy habits, stronger relationships with foods and avoid training plateaus.

E4L nutrition planning considers food preferences, current lifestyles and metabolic needs.

Our Three Essential Steps:

1. Establish our client’s nutrition requirements: age, height, weight, activity levels and metabolic needs.

2. Identify food and lifestyle preferences: Any dislikes? Dietary preferences like vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, or low glycemic? Do you follow a paleo, mediterranean or ketogenic lifestyle? Fully customised plans based on personal preferences and dietary restrictions.

3. Pair the nutrition requirements + food preferences with the E4L Team Training or Focus Personal Training program. Then determine how many meals they should eat each day and how many nutrients they need per meal and snack. E4L will then offer foods, recipes and meal ideas that match 1. and 2. above to create a great E4L nutritional meal plan.

To create meal plans for our clients that are less daunting and less time consuming we use certified nutritionist meal plans via the E4L online meal planner and meal planning application.

E4L’s online meal planning software makes our job determining these requirements as streamlined as possible.

1000’s of different plans and options will be available full of ideas, recipes and great options.

Meal planning helps our clients know how to fuel their bodies before, during or after a workout, as well as the ideal foods to eat the rest of the day.

E4L nutrition planning offers a roadmap for healthy eating, gives recommendations for what food to keep on hand and makes it easier to reach their training goals.

E4L nutrition planning is a smarter and better option.

E4L Client Dashboard Features:

* Food Preferences
* Physical/Heath Characteristics
* Body Composition Measurements
* Performance Tracking
* Lab Summary
* Nutrient Summary
* Activity Summary
* Profile Images
* Informative Graphs
* Automated
* Client Self Service
* Create From Scratch
* Exercise Programming
* Customise Calculations
* Client Resources
* Self Service Planning
* SMART Planning
* Food Swapping
* Automated Shopping Lists
* Portion Guides
* Personal Recipe Database
* Personal Food Database
* Personal Meal Plan Database
* Community Foods and Recipes
* Tutorial Videos
* eBook Resources
* News and Updates
* Interactive Support
* Account Management

Plan Types:

  1. E4L 3 Day Trial Plan – $20
  2. E4L 2 Week Smart Plan – $40
  3. E4L 4 Week Smart Plan – $60 (FREE with SmartTeam™ upgrade)


These are examples only.

Plans can be customised to any specific requirement from calories, dietary choices, favourite foods and more.