Coach Kidus Yohannes

Please welcome Coach Kidus Yohannes. \O/

Coach Kidus Yohannes completed his Cert IV in 2013 and now with 7+ years coaching experience is looking to take his coaching influence to the next stage with Elements4Life.

Coach Kidus Yohannes is a passionate functional movement coach who specialises in strength development, sustainable nutrition and fat v’s muscle composition adjustment. He can provide vast experience in all these areas of expertise.

Kidus works hard on himself in the gym, in his own time and 100% leads by example.

He has his own personal fitness story to tell (see next post soon) which has lead him to become a high performance coach at E4L.

Helping other people is now his focus and he will be a specialist FocusPT™ coach as well as a SmartTeam™ and SmartRun™ training coach at Harrison and Belconnen (November 2020).

Kidus is now filling up his FocusPT™ timetable and if you would like to start training with him, hit the link below and lets get started.

Be sure to say hello to him in the gym.

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Elements4Life, affectionately known as E4L, is a market leader in delivering functional training programs in Canberra covering all four elements of training – high intensity, strength, mobility and recovery, and core and midline. E4L specialises in High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), which has many benefits, including burning a lot of calories in a short time, helping you lose fat and increasing your metabolic rate.

Other training specialisations include High-Volume Interval Training (HVIT), Variable-Intensity Interval Training (VIIT), strength cycles, personal training and semi-private training.

E4L is about better experiences, teamwork and community vibe, as well as driving better results using science backed programming and well-structured workouts.