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A Pole and A Barre

A Pole and A Barre

So you’re interested in Barre?

Wait, let me introduce myself first. My name is Alice, and I’ll be your Barre coach at Elements4Life – you may have seen me around in a Group Training or Yoga session in Harrison and Belconnen. When I’m not handling human resource matters at my day job, I’ll be exercising after work. I’m also immersed in the dance community and started performing since 2017 (I’m honoured to be placed as ‘Crowd Favourite’ in the Floor Element competition this year)!

My dance journey so far…

My passion for dance started at the age of six when I was enrolled in ballet in my local area at Melbourne. I remember feeling happy and free after class; a feeling I never felt in other extracurricular activities. Unfortunately, ballet got cancelled after one term, probably because my parents quickly realised I was too uncoordinated. I was determined to pursue dance once I ‘grew up’.

Fast forward, in my first year of university, I attempted hip hop and jazz-funk classes. My lack of coordination made it challenging to keep up in class and it drastically impacted my confidence and self-esteem. Instead of letting this flaw define me, I tried a different dance genre – pole fitness! Looking back, 18-year-old me had no idea how much pole fitness would shape my life.

Young, awkward Alice blossomed into a fitness enthusiast who loves a challenge.

The Australian pole fitness industry has also adapted to commercial needs, so I’ve been able to experience a judgement-free community with a diverse demographic. This helped me befriend inspiring people of all age groups, cultures, gender and sexuality.

Pole fitness requires a combination of strength and flexibility to safely execute a pole trick or choreographed routine. And quite frankly, I’m average in these departments. Again, I wasn’t going to allow this to interfere with my passion for dance, so I ventured out to other fitness styles to supplement my pole training in 2019. Through trial and error, I’ve continued with Barre, Pilates and Heels classes as they complement each other beautifully. I’m now at the point in my life where I feel confident in my body.

Initially, I thought Barre incorporated ballet with rigorous cardio movement and relied heavily on the barre. This had little appeal to me given pole fitness is fluid in teaching dance and conditioning. That being said, my strength progression was getting stagnant, so I pushed my ego aside and got out of my comfort zone.

My initial judgment of Barre is far from the truth: Barre is designed to target the body using isometric movements. Barre is inspired by ballet, yoga and Pilates, however it’s unique to its fitness style. Props include the barre, but also weights, sliders, bands and the Pilates ball.

Progressions and modifications are always available: this caters to all bodies whether that be the unconditioned body, injured body, pregnant body or the ultra-fit body.

My first class had women of all body shapes and sizes, and we all thoroughly enjoyed the workout!

What to expect in my Barre classes:

Since I’ve moved to Canberra at the start of 2020, I’m thankful I gave Elements4Life a chance; I’ve never encountered such a welcoming gym community. Much like the pole fitness world, the Elements4Life community is rich in diversity. Some of us train to lose weight, some train to increase muscle mass, while others train to stay sane. However, we all share the common goal of celebrating each other’s achievements after each fitness session.

As the Barre coach, my vision is to extend this inclusivity to the Barre community and continue the ideology of the pole fitness world. Barre currently appeals to a niche group of people, but its offering is perfect for everyone of all bodies and abilities. Like I previously outlined, Barre is a perfect mix of yoga, Pilates and ballet so every coach will add their signature flow to their classes. My goal is to create a balance of strength, tone, and flexibility in a safe and judgment-free environment.

I’ll be teaching fun workouts where you can push yourself outside of your comfort zone, develop mind-body awareness, and even make a friend or two!

Whether you’re looking to start your fitness, supplement your existing fitness regime, or work through injuries pre- or post-natal, Barre is worth your while. If you have any questions about all things Barre, feel free to connect with me!

Instagram – @E4L_Alice


A Pole and A Barre with Alice

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