Are you ready for the E4L SmartFormula™?

The 22-week E4L SmartFormula™ takes fitness and results beyond your standard experience.

Uniting scientific principles, technology and nutrition into an E4L SmartFormula™ that delivers results.

Canberra’s highly regarded Master Functional Trainers (MFT), Sebastian Ellis, Erin Wells and Joseph Peluko and our aligned team of qualified nutritionists and recovery experts are at your disposal.

We will guide and support each individual to reach high levels of health, fitness and sustainability for life.

Our 22-week E4L SmartFormula™ is a multi phase program of metabolic conditioning, resistance, hypertrophy, recovery and strength and the E4L SmartFormula™ is legitimised with a complete personalised nutritional plan designed by our certified nutritionists.

A plan just for you to get the best results.

GET STARTED upfront payment is only $399 with subsequent weekly payments of $99 with a bag of benefits and value.

Start today, train for a better body and transform your life with an amazing team of coaches following the E4L SmartFormula™.


  • 22 Week E4L SmartFormula™

  • $99
  • Billed Upfront & Weekly.

  • 1 FocusPT Session
  • 4 SmartTeam™ Sessions
  • 22 Week Commitment Contract
  • 22 Week Nutrition Guide (Optional)
  • 22 Week Linear Training Formula
  • Restorative/Recovery Sessions
  • Free InBody Scans
  • Free MyZone Belt
  • Bonus Training Assets
  • Personalised Online Platform
  • 2020 Lifestyle Assessment
  • 2020 Technique Session
  • 2020 BetterLife BluePrint
  • 7 Day Full Gym Access
  • $399 Upfront Commitment Payment
  • Roll-Over FocusPT™ 45

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