X-Element45: Train 5 times per week for less than $9


X-Element45: Train 5 times per week for less than per session 

The X-Element45 program is a market leader in Australia and has evolved training, coaching and community as we know it into an ultimate gym experience.  There is so much more to training than circuits, mirrors, loud music, cults and entertainment derived programs.  We should be demanding more from the industry, more from the programming and more from the coaches themselves.

The human body requires care and focus and an understood mix of functional, traditional, unconventional skills and coaching methods into every session to best ensure the BEST long term and short term results.  This is always done best in a learning environment that focuses on progression and coaching based on the demands and needs of the individual.  

At Elements4Life we focus on intensity, awareness, programming, variation, mobility, technique, confidence, and we apply the best coaching methods into each session that are no longer than 45 minutes.

We will never shout at you and never ask you to do more than what you can.  

We are all human and need to be treated as humans.

Per week you can expect to pay around $45p/w for an Elements4Life X-Element45 membership and we offer solid discounts if you pay several months upfront.

This price is exceptional based on these simple facts:

Full Gym Access and Unlimited X-Element45 Team Training with a timetable of over 50+ classes per week to choose from.

X-Element45 members on average, come to 3 classes per week so if you’re paying let’s say $45 a week, and you’re coming 3 times per week, it’s less than $15 a session.

Come 5 times per week and it is only $9 per session with passionate and dedicated coaches.

“Only $9 per session”

Members can effectively where can i purchase nexium attend as many classes as they like per week and for every extra class you attend, the overall cost per session decreases.  Essentially based on the quality of coaching, the programming, the community, the services and the environment, Elements4Life is more than affordable and could be considered too cheap for the quality of services delivered. 

You can’t even compare X-Element45 workouts to any other branded product due to its depth of training.  

We cover all facets of training and so much more.

We lift, sprint and use all the toys available on the market.

X-Element45 is the way to go for any intelligent person and if you are looking for the next level of training then X-Series, Focus Group and Focus PT is the best value as these memberships come with UNLIMITED X-Element45 training and FULL gym access.



X-Element45 – Only $45 p/w – with UNLIMITED TEAM TRAINING & FULL gym access

X-Series – Only $49.95 p/w – with UNLIMITED TEAM TRAINING & FULL gym access

Focus Group – Only $59 p/w – with UNLIMITED TEAM TRAINING & FULL gym access

Focus PT – Only $85p/w – with UNLIMITED TEAM TRAINING & FULL gym access

Interested? getstarted@elements4life.com.au

“We are building better humans and better lifestyles”



Added benefits:

We Olympic lift for a greater stimulus and progression to strength, body composition changes and overall fat loss.

We program all our sessions manually and create progressions and regressions for each individual.

We provide conditioning phases within your membership to ensure an intelligent approach to training is maintained.

We focus on technique, community, and lifestyle adaption beyond the training. 

We have a fully accessible gym for after hours use with the ability to fulfil all elements of training not just circuits.

Join our programs of human development at Elements4Life.

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