Why Own an Elements4Life Gym?


Elements4Life is the cornerstone business model and is suitable for a 600m/sq to 1000m/sq area with a very specific floor plan, training philosophy and learning programs.

When you have a concept that is a proven success, the key is to ensure the idea evolves and adapts into something better.  We are evolving the industry through learning and application of all known systems.  We only employ and invest in the best coaches as we put our members first at all times.

Community is our heart and the science of lifting, resistance, anaerobic and aerobic thresholds combined with functional movement and the 7 primal movement patterns is the basis of our model.  

Our gym is diverse in nature and has a variety of programs for all levels and ensures sustainable training and long term lifestyle adaption.  Our coaches are those with a growth mindset, well rounded and life experienced.  

All training is provided at Elements4Life HQ in Harrison, Canberra. 

Our motto is “Train4Life”



X-Element45 is an effective, innovative and evolving business model offering an evolutionary opportunity that is driven by quality, understood systems, and reputation.  

X-Element45 is a proven model for franchisees and anyone seeking to be a part of something better.

X-Element45 is a highly functional team training program with an enhanced focus on individualisation and quality of movement.

X-Element45 has combined intensive interval training, strength training, mobility and coaching into one package to ensure the best and most effective methods of burning fat and building lean muscle whilst maintaining a protocol of technique, recovery and progression. 

X-Element45 has adopted all major fitness movements and created an effective system that is fun, functional and efficient.  Through innovation and testing, our workouts are designed to achieve maximum results in the shortest period of time – 30 minutes.   

  • Efficient & effective
  • Motivating and sustainable
  • Evolutionary and adaptable 

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The Elements4Life Gym Network offers franchisees a unique and profitable business opportunity in the fitness industry via a minimal outlay setup, a high return, and an increase in job satisfaction due the enhanced results and strong community that our program delivers.  Joining the Elements4Life Gym Network is an admirable choice.

  • Minimal Outlay and Set-up
  • Minimal monthly administration fee for full automated accounting, management and payment systems
  • Membership model designed for best results via a focus on quality and individualisation
  • Elements4Life will work anywhere from central business districts to key suburban zones in all major cities
  • Elements4Life is a tried and tested model 

The key to success is the people you surround yourself with.  Sebastian Jago, Master functional Trainer and CEO of the Elements4Life Gym Network, will personally support your journey and support your training to ensure you become an efficient owner-operator and investor in the X-Treme30 and Elements4Life Gym franchise.  Our evolved model and product combined with our dedication and operating procedures the key reasons for X-Treme30’s success in Australia and abroad.

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Elements4Life has maintained a harmony between technology and the human touch. Integration of technology is an expectation in a modern world however when dealing with humans we need to ensure we remain in touch with what is important and ensure a balance.  Our goal is to be more human.  

  • Whiteboards for all workouts, internal networking and seminars
  • Over 2000+ filmed exercises with various angles 
  • Multi-screen LCD TVs with automated displays
  • Heart rate technology for measuring performance
  • Live DJ mixes and Elements4Life FM music network
  • High level support network of coaching professionals
  • Evolved intranet workouts and training systems for franchisee owners
  • Apps for iPhone and Android for franchisee owners and members
  • Fully automated CRM and client management and booking

Becoming an Elements4Life franchise owner today.

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X-Treme30 & Elements4Life Gym Franchise

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