What is X-Warrior?

What is X-Warrior?

X-Warrior are 45min unconventional, functional and traditional training sessions working in groups and working as a team.  

We lift and sprint and work as a unit! The entire gym space, inside and out, will be utilised.

Each and every class is varied and is written by the coach with a core base of principals that we install at Elements4Life. We are building better humans through the evolution of training. More emphasis on detail, individualisation, where can i buy nexium progression and intent.

X-Warrior utilises all available fitness toys like barbells, plates, kettlebells, dumbbells, steps, ropes, unconventional, functional and traditional tools.

Can you endure the Hurricane, keep up in the energy circuits, fulfil the expectations of Warrior strength?  Come and find out at Elements4Life!  

X-Warrior will challenge you in a new way and get you working more effectively as an individual and as a team mate!

You will be tested! You will progress! You will become a X-Warrior!