What is X-Treme30?

What is X-Treme30?

Elements4Life coaching team has developed a new and advanced evolutionary program called X-Treme30 which is all about excellence in programming and delivery.  Music, exercise and intensity are key elements but with the focus on key coaching principles that will never be excluded in any program found at Elements4Life.

X-Treme30 are 30minute high performance, high intensity classes focusing on strength, power, human movement and anaerobic performance. There are 3 class types in the X-Treme30 series. Restricted to class sizes of 12 for better coaching, more focus on technique and high performance as an individual which sets it apart from other programs that focus n entertainment and hype.  Our principals of coaching will stand strong in each and every program we deliver at Elements4Life.

X-Treme30 utilises all available fitness toys like barbells, plates, kettlebells, dumbbells, steps, ropes, unconventional, functional and traditional tools and has put key sequences and music together to bring a new and exciting program that is focused on technique and performance.  

All music is sourced by our partners SJE Records, SJE Music and associated record labels. www.sjerecords.com & www.sjemusic.com

Each and every class is varied and is written by the coach with a core base of principals that we install at Elements4Life.

We are building better humans through the evolution of training.

More emphasis on detail, individualisation, progression and intent.


X-Treme30 has 3 session styles:
1) X- Treme30 Oxygen – High Performance Anaerobic Conditioning
2) X- Treme30 Athletic – High Performance Plyometric Conditioning
3) X- Treme30 Force – High Performance Strength Conditioning

Get ready to get your heart rate up to a new level and take your fitness to new heights. Can you keep up?