What is X-Series?

What is X-Series?


X-Series is a series of high performance, advanced classes designed and developed by the Elements4Life Team & Head Coach to compliment our very popular X-Element45 program. This is the next level. This is the step up from the rest. These sessions are between 30-60 minutes of focused programming with a coach dependent on the class type.

All X-Series classes will include specific skill testing, capacity and performance tracking systems to ensure progression and self improvement.

X-Treme30 are 30minute high performance, high intensity classes focusing on strength, power, movement and anaerobic performance. There are 3 class types in the X-Treme30 series. Restricted to class sizes of 12 for better coaching, more focus on technique and high performance as an individual.

X-Treme30 has 3 session styles:

1) X- Treme30 Oxygen – High Performance Anaerobic Conditioning

2) X- Treme30 Athletic – High Performance Plyometric Conditioning

3) X- Treme30 Force – High Performance Strength Conditioning

X-Core are 45minute advanced midline, core strength , flexibility and mobility sessions.

X-Warrior are 45min-60min unconventional training sessions working in groups and working as a team.

X-Dance are advanced strengthening and movement programs based on core dance elements. All programs are written and programmed by the experienced coaches, not by a computer, with clear progressions, regressions and attention to technique.

All programs are different, constantly varied and we utilise the entire gym and all the equipment. All 10 elements of fitness are covered throughout the week of training. These classes suit all fitness levels but are designed for the advanced athlete. Your Elements4Life Coach will guide you to perform better technique and teach you a better understanding of your body and mental limits.