What is the E4L Virtual Coach?

What is the E4L Virtual Coach?

Are you going overseas? Work trip? Moving interstate?

Worried about losing momentum, falling into bad habits, or you just love your E4L Coach and don’t want to lose touch?

Now you can engage in the Elements4Life virtual coaching system and stay on track!

What is included?

  • Weekly Skype Training Session with your E4L coach
  • Weekly & Daily Workouts
  • Weekly accountability measures
  • Weekly tracking
  • E4L Strategy 4 Change Program
  • $85 p/w with Skype Training Session
  • $55 p/w (Accountability measures only)

How it works?

You will receive a Virtual Coach pack via email that will contain all the accountability measures, workouts and relevant forms for tracking all data.  Each week you will receive your training program and you will also make a time to meet with your coach via a Skype link up at an agreed time just as you would if you were doing Personal Training Face to Face.  You will be expected to report back on a regular basis according to your agreed training program, present video evidence as well as complete the 1 x Skype workout each week.  With the guidance of your virtual coach you will be able to stay on track while you are away overseas or on your work trip. We will utilise the efficient services and power of Skype, email, Facebook and Instagram to stay in touch and verify daily and weekly tasks.

Email us? – GetStarted@Elements4Life.com.au