What is Focus PT?

What is Focus PT?

Focus PT is Private Coaching where it is all about you.  We cater for all levels, styles and goals.

We have coaching masters in sports conditioning, strength, rehab and mobility. 

Focus PT at Elements4Life is an opportunity to obtain a direct path to a greater level of health and fitness via structure, accountability and support with a team of coaches and be a part of our growing culture.

Focus PT is a premium membership level at Elements4Life.

This level allows the member full access to the exclusive E4L gym and a weekly personal training session with your dedicated coach.

You will also receive FREE UNLIMITED X-Element45 team training classes that perfectly compliment your training regime (See Timetable).

The most effective fitness program you can implement for yourself is one with an effective structure, clear variation and based on a regular and consistent schedule with a coach.

One where you learn the skills necessary to be effective in life and in the gym.

Become accountable for your decisions, health and lifestyle.

Focus PT will push and guide you to a new level, help you cross a boundary and take you to a place you have not been before.

All it takes is the CHOICE to be BETTER.

Take that leap and don’t look back.

INCLUDES: Professional coaching, fitness training, fully equipped gym, effective sessions, definitive nutrition advice, genuine support, relentless drive, variable programming, consistency, unlimited X-Element45 sessions, full gym access and a great facility full of awesome humans all here to better themselves. All at one awesome price.

Only $85 per week (Limited Time)(Normally $95 p/w)

How happy are you with your current fitness, coach or lifestyle.

What are you waiting for?


Email us – GetStarted@Elements4Life.com.au

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