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Kettlebell Swings! – The Russian or the American?

Kettlebell Swings! – The Russian or the American? #betterMOVEMENT is about understanding and awareness. Doing things well and doing them for a reason. Train with intent! Which one is better? – The Russian or the American? To me it is one of the best skills…

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The Correct Deadlift

The Correct Deadlift Sebastian’s Coach Review  The Deadlift is the pinnacle of lifts as it is the only skill where we can maximise the overall load into one single rep.  This means more weight, resistance and stress is applied to the entire muscular and skeletal…

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Monday Workout 27/10/2014

Monday Workout 27/10/2014 Fire Power / Technique Stage 1 – Warm up – 1 of 3 on the board Circle of Technique -Stick Shoulder Rotations -Barbell Hangs -Squat Holds -Press Practice Stage 2 – The Spark – 3 Rounds – For Time 15 Push Press…

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