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Kettlebell Swings! – The Russian or the American?

Kettlebell Swings! – The Russian or the American? #betterMOVEMENT is about understanding and awareness. Doing things well and doing them for a reason. Train with intent! Which one is better? – The Russian or the American? To me it is one of the best skills…

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Elements4Life – KettleBell Swing Juggle + Goblet Squat

Playing with the kettlbell. Extremely versatile toy! These types of complexes are the best way to train. Fun, Functional and Effective. Want to train this way? GetStarted@Elements4Life.com.au Suggest that you do this on soft ground. Grass or the beach! Especially when learning to juggle KB’s….

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Sebastian’s Workout 11/01/2015

Sebastian’s Workout 11/01/2015 Neuroscience is of great interest to me and is of great relevance when programming, coaching and implementing an understanding of what is required to obtain the greatest response throughout the body as a whole.  The nervous system is essentially in control of all…

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