Red Robin Foundation


Red Robin Foundation

“Changing the way society views their humanity through community, movement, mindset events and education”

My mothers name is Robyn! She loved the colour red!

My mum was the greatest mother of all time. If there was an award to win she would have won it.  A resilient, strong woman, who gave me opportunities and experiences that many children in a single income, single parent household simply do not get.  She made sacrifices to her own life to ensure I received the education and real life training I deserved as a human.  I am truly grateful.  

My life story, my hardships and my life experiences have been solely responsible for my development as a person.  

This focus to personal growth is missing these days.  Life is about failing, falling down, travelling, experiencing, feeling, seeing, listening, learning, doing and observing.  Nothing they teach you in school.

My mother would take me out of school for 4 weeks every year and we travelled.  Overseas and within Australia.  At the time I thought it was just a holiday however it was during normal school terms as she ran our lives on her timetable.  She had a mission and that was to make me into a leader and someone who could possibly change the world.  She told me that.  She wanted the best for me and watch out if you had any other intentions than that.  Teachers, police officers, bullies, and anyone who wanted a piece of me or wanted to inflict a power trip had to deal with my mother.  They always lost the battle.  Intellectually and emotionally.  It is my job to carry on the legacy of strength and staying true to self. 

In the 80’s life was simpler and I believe it was a better era to grow up in.  All 70’s and 80’s kids know this.  We have freedom of thought that kids these days can only dream of.  Today we are over cautious and too politically correct.  The governmental fear has been programmed into our society to a mass level that it is frightening to watch the kids of today grow up with such a lack of awareness and education to life.  

A revolution of human awareness is upon us. I truly believe this.

So what is my plan?

I have lost faith in the “charities” as I feel they are a bandaid solution, some what corrupt and do not work towards solutions and cures.  I think the major issues as humans we face today are due to bad food, acidic blood, stress, toxic bodies, weak mindset and very poor awareness and movement protocols.  

That is why I started the #betterLIFE Project. 



The Red Robin Foundation originally was to support a cure for Asthma as my mother passed in 2000 from the condition.  Then it got me thinking, how can I actually make a difference to the broken system we live in?  

The Red Robing Foundation is to support greater change in our society and encourage changes to the way we interact as a community, as a race and as humans.   By using the #betterLIFE protocols and the support of the Red Robin Foundation I want to promote greater awareness and education via community based events to support adjustments to living habits.

  • Shared Food Resources & Community Gardens
  • Holistic & Organic Medicine Services
  • Community Bartering & Labour Exchange
  • Alternative Education Systems & Home Schooling
  • #betterMOVEMENT Community Events
  • #betterFOOD Community Events
  • #betterLIFESTYLE Community Events 
  • #betterMIND Community Events
  • #betterSPIRIT Community Events 
  • #betterBUSINESS Community Events

The goal for the Red Robin Foundation is to co-ordinate a structured awareness and change program into our community where these principles and concepts can be installed to a wider audience.  

Every community deserves better education, better food and better life. 

All funds will go towards the administration and co-ordination of these events.  We will start locally and create the foundation and the operating procedures to find what works and then take the program to the next suburb and continue from there and work towards an international stage. 

The Red Robin Foundation and #betterLIFE Project working together to create a better society free from political and corporate corruption.  

Taking back our humanity that has been so clearly lost in the last 100+ years.

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