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Online Coaching Australia (OCA) is a unique online education platform designed to help individuals develop the necessary skills in specific areas of life that ultimately support them to living better lifestyles and building life long dreams via the teaching and learning of necessary skills that they don’t teach you at School, University or Tafe.

We cater for different people and we have 4 specific programs:

  1. Your Breakthrough
  2. Your Growth Mindset
  3. Your Dream Builder
  4. Your Online PT

Being educated is not about having a certification. Education is the ability to utilise your knowledge in a way that enables you and empowers you to develop and sustain the life that you actually really want. Not all of us are naturally talented in building and developing the processes required to be successful.

That is why we will help you. Help you with your mindset and help you directly with your new business and lifestyle planning.

Essentially we are developing a movement of successful people.

Your Dream Builder Movement is a community of people who are actively seeking to build their life dream lifestyles, live better lives and move forward on their ambitions and visions through direct action, enhanced mindset, and support via online education whilst helping others do it too.

Surrounding yourself with successful people leads to success itself.

Your Dream Builder Program is a top tier self-development program designed by Sebastian Ellis and internationally supported by Online Coaching Australia.

The 5 stage online program enables and empowers individuals to prepare themselves for long term adaption to new life adventures and living better lifestyles.

The program is available for all individuals interested in making serious lifestyle changes and adaptions.

Sebastian as your Thought Leader will guide you and coach you to where you want to go via a clear process.

This is not about reconfirming your personal flaws or emotional issues.

It is about acceptance and commitment to what could be done better, what you need to improve and letting go of the past and installing a new process to actually develop the new vision and life you desire.

We will show you the way via direct coaching.

Contact us below for more information or take a leap and sign up for Your Dream Builder and get started.