Mateo Alduk


Elements4life is committed to growth, learning and sharing. That is what we do. We are always looking for ways to progress our own understanding, programming and ensure we align with the demands of our clients, the industry, and science.

We are proud to announce our newest and latests asset – Mateo Alduk who will bring a new level of coaching and experience to the team. ?#?E4LTeam?

Mateo will be running our new and exciting X-Calesthenics classes (X-Series membership) and will also be taking on Focus PT clients.

Who is Mateo?

Experience: In 2012 I decided to turn my passion for helping people into my full-time job and immersed myself in Canberra’s fitness industry.
I started my fitness work as a Personal Trainer at a commercial gym.
I then branched out into a ‘functional training’ gym and began specialising in strength and conditioning, gymnastics and weightlifting training styles as a CrossFit athlete and qualified Trainer.
I also challenge myself often by competing in a number of fitness competitions as an individual, in a team and have achieved podium finishes.
A year on I ventured abroad – out of my comfort zone to grow myself as a person, trainer and athlete throughout America and Europe.
My trip landed me in London where I settled for more than a year. In this cheap nexium tablets time I helped build up a new gym and community. Within this community I worked with clients of all abilities.
A few examples include; current and former Weightlifting Olympians, post-natal women, international representatives in running and rowing, elderly clients, CrossFit Games athletes, teenagers, online clients, office workers, state representative boxers and clients with a range of chronic disease.
Throughout this invaluable and humbling experience overseas I absorbed all I could while meeting with knowledgeable, world-class strength and conditioning coaches and programmers at a vast array of fitness facilities.
Each and every client has proven to be a different, yet equally rewarding challenge and has provided me with a deep understanding of personalised and goal specific training drawing from a variety of disciplines.
Goals: I hope to continue to draw from my experiences in teaching these training styles to improve any person’s quality of life with a focus on better movement and technique – including my own. I believe that the principals of training translate directly to everyday challenges and I love the idea of creating an everyday army of ‘athletes’ who are more able through functional movements.
My goal is to support people to greater fitness and health in all areas, crush goals, and therefore life goals!