Build Lean Muscle, Burn Calories & Shred Fat....!


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We LIFT, we SPRINT and we do HIGH INTENSITY SESSIONS! All elements of fitness are combined into the one full body program called X-45!

These elements when done correctly with proper instruction and technique are integral components of training that promote long term physical change! 

Technique is a paramount ideal to our business model, so all groups are kept to 12 maximum to ensure focus on proper form, intensity and individualisation.

This means better results and a better system of training all with a dedicated, well trained coach.

Every daily workout is different and is designed and presented by the coach!

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Elements4Life are “Group Training” and “Personal Training Specialists” and have various other programs including a fully equipped gym! The real deal!

We focus on “Individualised Success” while ensuring a strong community and socially driven aspect and NEVER at the expense of technique.

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