Kettlebell Swings! – The Russian or the American?

Kettlebell Swings! – The Russian or the American?

#betterMOVEMENT is about understanding and awareness.

Doing things well and doing them for a reason. Train with intent!

Which one is better? – The Russian or the American?

To me it is one of the best skills in the gym to master and the benefits are enormous.

I prefer the Russian 95% of the time due to the mechanics and its suitability to most people.

The American is a bastardised technique only done so for competition and is suitable for those seeking to participate in the Crossfit Games.  It can be fun, however most people I see do it poorly as they have no grasp of centrifugal force, lack awareness and the focus and main purpose of the swing itself has been diluted.

My question is why do it in a group scenario if there are better options for strength training, tension and movement efficiency?

“Just do the Russian swing and especially from the start of your fitness journey. Limit anything above the head until mobility, skill, aptitude, training age and awareness has been obtained. If you want to add a press…do a press separately and load it up as required. If you are a Crossfitter or more buy nexium online australia experienced lifter….then do an american style if you so choose as that is the standard for competition and by that stage you should already be at a predetermined standard ~ Sebastian”

In layman terms the Russian swing is safer, mechanically sound, and more effective as it focuses on the hip drive and glutes which is the intended purpose.

This is just how it is.

You will swing heavier and press heavier if you do the skills separately.

I will do a video on this and I suggest people get a feel for skills and determine their own perspectives taking into account human biology and mechanics.

Happy to answer any questions.


P.S if you get back pain from the swing, more often or not you are hyper-extending and not engaging your glutes at the top of the swing. Don’t lean back like a banana. Squeeze those glutes and stand tall with tension!

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