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Elements4Life, X-Element45 and X-Treme30 are evolutionary training systems, gyms and studios.  

Elements4Life is an exciting gym network of fitness professionals changing the way society views their lifestyles, movement and health.  

Our business model is based around quality, best practices and more importantly people and puts the individual first as that is the basis of our philosophy.  

The concept was born in Australia in 2012, developed by Sebastian Jago, and this phenomenal coaching system is now growing its team of professionals, coaches, gyms and studios.  

If interested in delivering high quality coaching models in return for great job satisfaction and a superb return on investment, then you have joined the right network.



The team at Elements4Life aim to inspire, motivate, lead, teach and grow with our franchisees. Our mission and vision is to develop and create drastic societal lifestyle changes at the core of our communities which promotes a healthy long term regime and behaviour for individuals from all walks of life.

We want to learn more about you, your background, your passions, your business insight and life ambitions to ensure that we are just right for each other! Not only will you benefit from being a part of a business that is assisted with a qualified and experienced support team, but you will be situated within a company that prides itself in high level operating procedures, training and management.

If you are considering that this is the right path for you, below we have provided you an inclusive process that will assist you in exploring our franchise opportunity with confidence and ensure all your questions and inquiries are met.

Passion for health and fitness: We aim to find people who are not only driven and passionate about starting their own business however people who have a desire to apply the best training methods possible and creating safe and supportive environments. Essentially we want to attract specific clientele to our business and find committed Franchisee Partners to help it grow nationwide. We are also looking for partners with a knowledge and understanding about health and fitness, understand people from a life experience view point whilst promoting a holistic, healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Concrete business insight/experience: To own a franchise we are looking for Franchisees with broad experience in people management. We believe that having confidence and experience will allow for a successful franchise and enable us to build upon increased demands for high-quality services. Leading a department, managing a business and understanding our company and its values is essential.

Vision: Our aim is to promote a healthy and active lifestyle and give everyone the opportunity to achieve a lifestyle they truly desire. This is best done is a supportive community driven environment that supports excellent coaching principles. We are looking for franchise partners who are optimistic, have great attitudes and are willing to commit and put in long hours in order to allow their gym to succeed. That’s why our vision is not only important to our members and customers but our Franchisee Partners as well.

Leadership: Having pride in owning a business is very important. Our Franchisee Partners need to have confidence, are driven, hard-working and full of energy. Elements4Life aim to keep the same standard across all of our gyms and want our Franchisees to provide the best training and show the best leadership to support and mentor their members and staff.

Policies and Procedures: Whilst we encourage our Franchise Partners to run their own business, Elements4Life has policies and operating procedures set in place that all stores need to follow to ensure greater success.


1. Read the information provided about Elements4Life in the Franchisee section on this website to see if you are interested in becoming part of our team.

2. Register your interest under the “Franchise Now” button on this website. Provide your contact details and information about yourself in the comments section.

3. Once we have received your expression of interest, we will review it and contact you via email if you comply with and meet our criteria to organise a face-to-face meeting.

4. We will meet you face-to-face and provide you with further information about the franchising opportunity in detail. This is where we will answer any further questions you have and you will need to bring a signed Confidentiality Agreement which will be provided in the initial email.

5. You will fill out another application form in more detail and if both parties are willing to proceed, we will organise a final meeting. We will provide you with any further financial information about X-Treme30 and Elements4Life.

6. Meeting with operations, finance, and human resources will be conducted and discuss the suitability of your Franchisee interest.

7. You will review all legal documentation provided and stay in contact with us for further inquiries.

8. We will meet again and take you to our training facility to experience how the business flow works. You will then be required to pay either a portion or full amount of the Franchise Fee, depending on agreements discussed in previous meeting and start preparations for leasing and licensing.

9. You will be run through onsite training and head-office training including finance and accounting, POS systems and data systems.

10. Facility launch and further training will be provided to help you reach full potential.


The initial investment is anticipated to range from approximately $60,000 to $200,000 for an X-Treme30 studio & $250,000 to $450,000 for an Elements4Life Gym.

The actual cost will depend on the gym size, location, inclusions, bank guarantees and overall conditions.

This investment delivers an immediate franchise operation including the gym operation and complete fit-out costs, equipment costs, working capital, initial administration, security deposits and a one-off Franchise Fee.


Quality Franchise & Brand

We are not interested in growing fast at the expense of quality like other franchise models. Our goal is to build a sustainable business and lifestyle for our franchisees via proven methods of business, structure, training and support.

Technology V’s Humanism

Humanism is a progressive life-stance that affirms our ability and responsibility to lead meaningful, ethical lives capable of adding to the greater good of humanity. We see our business going in the same direction and we have evolved the industry and combined a mix of technology and organic coaching elements into the one model. You will get the future as well as the old school approaches to training and programming that have always worked well. We are in a people business teaching health and the members experience and success must always come first.

Intelligent Workouts

X-Treme30 and Elements4Life contain team training systems that guarantee optimum performance for everyone whilst ensuring the organic coaching capacity and attention to individualism is well maintained. Our workouts are vast, dynamic, variable and organic. There is no direct focus on competition as an individual however we will test your capacity and skill set. Due to our coaches being so well trained, all clients of all levels will be able to approach our workouts with due care, confidence and progression. You can’t beat the aid of a coach who can identify the requirements of the individual. We are leaders in coaching and training.

We Build Communities

We are in a people business and the ambition is to ensure only mature coaches with life experience are in front of our diverse and extensive member base. Our clients don’t just come to Elements4Life to exercise, they come for the full experience, the community, the energy, the vibe and they essentially feel safe. Adventures, Fitness Tours, Dream Builder Retreats, Live DJs and Radio shows are some of our many incredible innovations that create a social vibe that will build your member base.

Lifestyle Business

Elements4Life and an X-Treme30 studio is the perfect franchise for those seeking a ‘lifestyle business’ that also prides itself on high quality coaching and the best experiences for members. We’ve done a lot of the hard work for you however you will be expected to learn and grow with your business and become a great leader in the industry. Head office will support your administration and liabilities schedule via management to ensure your success.

Understood Minimal Outlay with Great Returns

X-Treme30 has minimal exposure on entry to the industry via a well thought out business structure. The combination of quality coaching, great programming, competitive membership prices with minimal overheads and exposure ensures that X-Treme30 franchisees enjoy significant returns on initial outlay. We will support you through the process to ensure success.

Contact us now, and learn more about the benefits of joining the Elements4Life and X-Treme30 community.

X-Treme30 & Elements4Life Gym Franchise