ESCAPISM – Recharging Your Energy

ESCAPISM – Recharging Your Energy 

I am a Human! This is a profound statement is it not?

In life we “try” to accept that everyone is different, has different beliefs and as individuals we make choices based on what they think is best at that time.  Some people are more fortunate than others based on circumstance and the decisions they make.  However some people listen to their inner voice with a little more attention and focus.  Sometimes this takes a significant event or moment to trigger the acceptance required to make change.  I have accepted a few things in my life as real, made changes when required and I choose what I believe in.   You can believe in what you want too, just be sure it represents who you really are! Just a suggestion!

Just remember, we are all made of stardust. It sounds like a line from a poem, but there is some solid science behind this statement and almost every element on Earth was formed at the heart of a star.  I like this fact!


I believe, or I should say, I know, we are all made up of energy.  We are not actually a solid form.  This is a scientific fact.   Our perception of “solid form” is simply the fact that we can’t visually see in-between our molecules that make up our physical form.   We are in fact made up of moving energy in the form of atoms and molecules.  We live in a for ever moving and evolving electrical universe!

What is our soul made of?

This I am not sure although I do know how to recharge it as I have taken time to explore what works for me! I repeat, what works for me!

What works for you?

This internal energy requires a level of charge otherwise we feel downward effects.  A level of energy exhaustion that sleep, rest and nutrition simply can’t charge on their own or as a collective.

I believe that our body needs more than just food and sleep to replenish our capacity to function.  We also need to recharge our subconscious and our internal energy source.   Recharge our soul with a deliberate focus.   How do we do this?  Essentially it all comes under one category, and that is ESCAPISM.

Escapism is personal but could be a number of the following things.

  • Exertion on the Body (Lifting Weights & Training)
  • Movement and Expression (Dance, Athletics, Running, Sport)
  • Creativity (Hands on Creation)
  • Listening to Music (Connection with another energy)
  • Imagination (Create via the mind)
  • Love (Release of hormones and the power of love)
  • Sex (Hormone release, movement and sharing of energy chakras)
  • Sense Stimulus (Visual, Smell, Sound, Touch, Taste, An Experience)
  • Environment (The Wilderness, Mother Earth, The Beach, The Water)

A key to stability in life, maybe even happiness itself, is listening to your inner voice when you need to change something.  Many people ignore this feeling, the vibe and struggle through circumstance and current surroundings until breaking point.   Work, stress, relationships, drugs, alcohol, uncontrolling inner thoughts and the wrong people in your nexium 40 buy online life all have adverse effects on your physical and emotional form.  Your overall internal energy will be effected.   Severe situations and significant life experience brings a wealth of knowledge in the area.

Why wait to fall again to learn the lesson?

“We are human
We are made of energy
Listen to your inner voice
Recharge your soul”

Personally, I have felt run down and exhausted due to a imbalanced life for a period of time.  New business and long hours with a focus to others has taken its toll.   I realised this was happening so I talked about it and looked to take action.

What do I do?

1) The Essentials – 8 Hours Sleep, Real Food, Sex, No Sugar, No Alcohol, and a break from repetitious tedious tasks.

2) I listen to my favourite music that I know gets me moving! Literally! Headphones on so it is direct and significant (I am 30% deaf so I have no choice really). I like trance music, EDM, U2, Pearl Jam, Silverchair, and anything that lifts my energy positively.  Old and new! This is not a limited list!  Music that motivates me via a positive emotional response. It can either put me into beast mode or inspires me to move or dance.  This is the trigger I need.  This helps me recharge.  I also apply this music to my training.  Always. They are connected.

3) I train with a focus.  I train my body hard.  I do workouts that on the whiteboard scare me a little.  This inspires me to take control of the situation and drives me to reach the end.  Always write down your workouts and finish what you start.  Test yourself.

4) Lift heavy or move at pace or both. These are the only two options to trigger a response to my internal energy systems.  Lift and Sprint! Do the volume. Feel the pump!

5) Dance like no one is watching! Heard that before?  Seriously good for the soul.

6) Imagination – Use it! Create something real or in your mind.  Do it often!

7) I write out a daily to do list! What goes on the list gets done. This applies to personal goals.

8) Take 60mins per day to do all of the above in some format knowing its purpose is for personal recharge! It is YOU time! This is essential.  Those who do not do this on a daily basis are less stable than others and I would question their happiness.


I would love to hear what other people think about all this as it is all so simple but all so important.  Why can’t everyone simply put this into practice?  Maybe we just need a kickstart!

Want to find some balance and improve your lifestyle?

Nutrition, massage, personal training, group training, coaching, adventures, challenges, excitement, tests of endeavour and simply access to the tools for genuine self development?

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– Sebastian Jago Ellis

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