Mature, experienced and passionate coaching team supporting better lifestyles, fitness and holistic health

  • Sebastian Jago - COACH

  • Head Coach/Facility Programming

I have 28+ years high performance sports, athletics, life and coaching experience and I bring a diverse however specific outlook to mobility, health, movement, training and lifestyle adaptation.

I am an ambassador into energy and vibrational sciences and an advocate for a holistic health including natural medicines.  As nature intended as a first protocol whilst focusing on synchronisation, harmony and spirituality. This is where I feel life is truly lived and expressed.

I also believe behavioural and mindset adjustment is the key to living a better life.  Routines! Whether your goal is improved mobility, aesthetics, fitness maintenance, athletic performance, or you just want to improve your current lifestyle and health, I know I can support and guide you to your goal.  You just have to have the intent and be ready for evolution.

  • Erin Wells - COACH

  • Business Owner/Coach

Erin has her own fitness success story and wants to share her success with others.

A mother of 4, she had her own personal battles with weight, anxiety and post natal depression.

She started her journey to higher states and true fitness with a Personal Trainer and inspired many along the way.

Now she is a coach helping others achieve the same results.

  • Joseph Peluko - COACH

  • Super Coach

I have a simple statement that I live by – “Be Here Now”.

It means to live in the moment and not to put things off. To be part of something great, to feel passionate and push towards greatness.

As your coach I strive to broaden your knowledge and mindset about health and fitness. Guide and help you through diet and nutrition. Provide various training styles, such as group fitness and focus PT.

My goal is to support and motivate you throughout your fitness journey to help reach your true potential; I’m here not only as your coach but also here to build relationships.

  • Tina Nikolovski

  • Super Coach

This is the year that you become enlightened.

Fitness is holistic – it teaches so many principles far beyond the scope of personal training.

Let me introduce myself – I’m Tina and I’m a passionate, loud, happy person who believes that life is meant to be lived to the fullest.

I have had my ups and downs and I have in recent times being living a better life and I want to share my journey with others.

As your coach I will not just push you, I will help pull the best out of you. The service I will provide will not just be a 45 minute personal training session – I will also help you with nutrition and mindset.

How do you know what you are capable of if you have never tried?
I love teaching small group HIIT classes as well as bootcamps – indoor and outdoor. I have tried almost every different type of training and, depending on your goals, I will tailer the training I believe will work for you to your body and goals.

I am also a photographer, so if you would like to document your journey and body transformation, I am here to do that!

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Elements 4 Life

To us, fitness is more than just exercise…. It’s a Lifestyle!

Our mission is simple.

To provide you with a platform to establish a better lifestyle and

achieve true fitness and health in a friendly atmosphere close to home.

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