Breakthrough Sessions

Breakthrough Sessions

“Taking our coaching to the next level”

Our last 8 week breakthrough course was a great success and our next intake starts very soon.
“We are taking coaching and self development to the next level”
Interested in breaking through? –
These sessions are essentially a weekly accountability and support peer group that will run throughout the year working through a series of accountability measures, mindset tools and other key coaching components.
All based around your individual development, goals and ambitions.
We will also dissolve bad habits, create new habits, strengthen your mindset and do all of this with a Strategy4Adaption.
This will ensure individuals have stronger avenues to ensure accountability and lifestyle adaption.
Worksheets, learning and weekly tasks will provide us with a structured base for success among other things including support from your coaching team.

We will work through the following at an individual level:

  • Our Daily Nutrition
  • Our Daily Movement & Mobility Protocols
  • Effective Process V’s Outcome Goals
  • Milestones
  • Adaption Measures
  • New Habits
  • Growth Mindset
  • Goal Setting
  • Food Shopping & Choices
  • Establishing and Maintaining Self Worth
  • Lifestyle Adjustments
  • Life Ambition
  • Your Dream Lifestyle

PLEASE NOTE***Each weekly session will be run with a specific ongoing format covering several accountability components, weekly motivation, discussion and each week there will be at least one new learning component.

Want to know more…?
Normally $440 – 8 weeks program
Elements4Life members receive 50% off.
Limited to 6 people per session.
Interested in breaking through? –
  • Want to know 3 more major elements for change, adaption and long term success?
  • Want to know more about how to build your dream lifestyle and take charge of certain areas of you life with direction and process with the 7 pillars of awareness and the 12 habits of sustainable adaption?
  • Do you want to take you training, nutrition, goals setting and life ambition to the next level?

Join our breakthrough sessions at Elements4life.


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