3 facts about life & muscle



3 facts about life & muscle.

Winter is amongst us so it is time to ramp up our training and focus on our self-worth.

That is a simple plan. Set some milestones and work towards some personal records and personal bests. #PB

I personally love seeing people challenge themselves and their team mates. #selfdevelopment

Challenge yourself to be better.

Show up and do your best.

That is what this is all about.

Getting better at things and learning new things from your coaches

So here is a reminder!

You bodyweight is a reflection of your lifestyle and choices.

So get your lifestyle and movement habits into order.

FACT 1: Achieving more muscle for the goal of overall lower body fat simply requires intent, discipline and an intelligently MEASURED approach to WEIGHT training!

FACT 2: Too much aerobic cardio (Jogging as apposed to sprinting and progressive weights) will break down high % of muscle tissue and support fat gains in the long term.

FACT 3: It’s a mathematical FACT that the more muscle you gain whilst maintaining your overall body weight means you MUST have less fat.

Build Muscle! Build Structure! Build Strength!

Ultimately the end result should be to move more and enhance your skills.

Eat good food to sustain the effort and focus required to train.

Eat well to support new quality muscle growth and more importantly to ensure the maintenance of this new muscle.

Reduce muscle breakdown to a minimum by lifting, sprinting, eating, sleeping and water.

Don’t make this winter one you will regret and take responsibility for your health and choices.

Be a human and get better at life!

– Sebastian Jago Ellis

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